Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs, alien life, Area 51


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What is Princess Pricklepants’ position on this?


If the actual truth is it’s all hokum, there are loads of people who will assume it’s a coverup. You can’t win the conspiracy game. (Unless you’re the Puppet Master.)

EDIT - Wait, didn’t President Carter do the same thing?


So we get openness on aliens and military bases, but no mention of revealing the details of ISDS containing trade treaties or spying on people’s emails.Just the important stuff.


Hey, look over here! Dancing bears!

Never mind the knife poised behind your back…

What a fucking blatant sideshow.


Alein chemtrails have finished remodeling our dna. No need for further deception - we’re all lizard people now.


he said: “The American people can handle the truth.”

… that there is no benevolent entity watching over us?


About the possibility that citizen reports of unidentified aerial phenomena could be space aliens and UFOs and stuff,

It seems quite reasonable to consider that “unidentified aerial phenomena” could be objects of some sort that were unknown (unidentified, one might say) to the viewer, and may have been flying at the time…


The problem isn’t if there are any aliens or such (hint there aren’t any) but Area 51/Groom Lake does have whatever the next generation of aircraft that is still secret doing test flights from there like it always has had.


Most Americans.


Don’t they have the History Channel?

It is a base for prototype and top secret air craft to operate out of.

There is no direct evidence of aliens visiting us.

Any aliens with the technology to visit us, would also have the technology to NOT BE SEEN.


Cue the Twilight Zone music…


If this is another attempt to court the youth vote, I put it right up there with the AOL splash page…GoGurt!


This really does look desperate. Bernie must be doing something right, beyond all those other useful things he’s doing…


Does that mean Rumsfeld can answer the baby eating questions now?


I was going to point that out too: since aliens no doubt have craft made of transparent aluminum, what good is transparency of information about invisible things? :imp:


“Ms. Clinton … things are getting grim. I think it’s time to push the button.”

Yeah … do it.

Reaches over and slams big red Pander to UFO Crazies for Votes button


If you don’t vote Clinton you’re never gonna hear us mention Unicorns again.


Hey, guys, we have the next “most open administration in history!”