Clinton campaign chair: 'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs, alien life, Area 51


Meanwhile at Trump headquarters:

Sir, Clinton is moving on the alien issue…

Look. When I’m President, I’m gonna build a wall around space. I’m going to build a wall around space using American labor, and American technology, and American, uh, bricks. I’m very good like that, and everyone says I’m the man to keep aliens out of America. I’m going to build a space wall, and I’m going to make the aliens pay for it. And they will love me for it. [muttering] Those dirty aliens with their long, long fingers. Damn them. [/muttering]. Get on it Johnson. And then fire yourself afterward.

Yes Sir. Right away, Sir.


Yeah. UFOs and John Podesta is pretty much a meme in DC since 2002 when he gave that press conference at the press club. When he was CEO at the Center for American Progress, our holiday videos usually had some alien reference as kind of a gentle poke/inside joke.


He’ll be hosting an all you can eat barbecue.


Yeah - but the teenagers out joy riding like to buzz the yokels.



Yesterday I didn’t know who John Podesta was. Today I found out he is a well connected financier lobbying on behalf of a corrupt Russian bank that is controlled by the Kremlin (thanks Panama Papers), and that he believes that space aliens are hanging out in Area 51.

What an interesting fellow.


Didn’t Carter make that same promise?


Counterpoint to every alien coverup conspiracy ever:
If high-up people in the U.S. government know aliens exist, and are worried enough to cover it up, why is NASA’s funding so terrible?


“There are a lot of planets out there.”

The newly found planet, which orbits a star called Alpha Centauri B, is about 4 light-years, or 23.5 trillion miles, away.

OK John, get going. Let us know what you find when you get back, even though we’ll all
be gone by then.


Wasn’t Groom Lake also where the U.S. stored and trained against their squadron of stolen Soviet MiG fighters?


I am not all that up on what was/wasn’t there other than the s3kr3t testing aircraft. It would not surprise me that stolen enemy aircraft would be kept there as well.
ETA your wiki link says another base nearby that isn’t as secret but mostly just well secluded by being even more remote than west nowhere Nevada.


I wanted to check, but she’s asleep. I think her position would have to really be determined once she’s in office and has met the aliens, though.


Well, not on Earth. If any alien civ was old enough and patient enough to cross interstellar space, we’d never know about them unless they wanted us to. Personally I think we’re either alone in our galaxy, or something happens to wipe out civs before their AI launch von Neumann probes, or the Solar System is under some kind of quarantine. What worries me a bit is that there could very well be automated sentinels hanging out in deep space and waiting for something strong enough to eventually rival them (another specie’s AI) to stomp it out. It could well be that the day we make a certain strength or type of AI is Earth’s last.

Came to say this, and that the alien conspiracy creates the perfect distraction.


Well, at least since she’s against profiteering, we can expect her to reign in the Weyland-Yutani Corporation’s dangerous experiments with Xenomorphs.

Whereas Clinton will be firmly in the pocket of Big Alien.


Isn’t one of her science advisor picks Dr. Emilio Lizardo? Is she limiting her tax form disclosure due to connections with Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems?


Do we really want someone in the White House who will take her marching orders from Whorfin?



Podesta, and Bill Clinton, for years and years have both expressed interest in bringing more information on this subject to the public, and that “we can handle the truth.” Clinton was on a video interview a couple years back talking about this, and it was very interesting. My read on it is, both Clinton and Podesta have indeed had access to some materials the public has not, and if you look at the way they phrase responses to questions on this subject, they in no way ever even remotely imply that the information they’re alluding to is banal in nature.

I for one think there is fire behind the smoke of the many decades long UFO coverup, and I think this is an issue Podesta is sincere about. That’s not, by the way, mutually exclusive from using this as a distraction during a tough campaign!


The answer lies in the fact that there is now a remote-controlled mini space shuttle in active duty. Hint: it’s not paid for out of NASA’s budget.


Why would they wait that long? Compared to a creating and maintaining a quarantine, the ability to sterilize a planet’s surface using nukes is cheap and easy - especially since the quarantine you describe would, by necessity, need to be able to perform such a sterilization. If there’s someone out there with a fear of competition, and their moral code allows the elimination of a sentient species just because they’ve created an AI, why not just nuke us first to be sure?