Sen. Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO debris but the Pentagon wouldn't let him see

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Boomer firmly believes nonsense, news at 11.




Reid is a Silent, as I recall. Still, the combination of coming into adulthood during the Cold War and the effects of aging have probably combined to bad effect here.


Occam’s Razor: it’s either something experimental from the skunk works that hasn’t been declassified, or something from Russia or China that we obtained and will never be declassified (plausible deniability and all that).

There’s no way it extraterrestrials.


Donald Trump proved conclusively that either the US Government does not possess alien artifacts, or that some part of the US Government is not beholden to elected authority. Because there’s no fucking way Trump could keep that secret.


Is somebody publicizing a book?


You really think the Deep State would let him in on any real secrets, especially after his notable lapses (ie, disclosure of Israeli intelligence, high-level intelligence asset in Russia)? Deep state takes care of its own. /s

Evidence of advanced extraterrestrial life, here on Earth, would be the greatest historical discovery of mankind. There is no way on Earth this would (or could) be kept a secret.


Harry Reid is no crank – he’s a smart guy, and if he says it, i’m inclined to believe him.


That the US govt would have some kind of unidentified material becomes more plausible to me when you add that they gave it to a private corporation for safe keeping. That’s the kind of incompetent nonsense I’ve come to expect.

I don’t think we can use Trump’s presidency as the canary for the existence of aliens. Doubtful that anyone got around to briefing him on what was probably old news. If they did, it’s unlikely he paid attention. And if he accidentally paid attention, it’s doubtful he gave it a second thought unless he could immediately see how it advanced his self-interest.


Smart people believe nonsense all the time. All of us have strongly held beliefs that are silly that we don’t yet know are silly. It’s not a function of intelligence or lack thereof. Humans are messy thinkers, is all.


Here is another idea, why didn’t anyone working on such secret project not have leaked something?
A revelation of a past massive deception by the US government would have energized his fans, and disillusioned other voters.


Harry Reid might be ‘smart’, but that proves nothing about what he really believes in.

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“I was told for decades that Lockheed had some of these retrieved materials,” he said. "And I tried to get, as I recall, a classified approval by the Pentagon to have me go look at the stuff. They would not approve that.

Well, Mr. Reid, perhaps that’s because you’re a bit, le’ssay, ‘chatty’ (as we can see here).


granted, but living in Nevada i’ve seen, read, and heard Harry speak on tons of things for decades now. he just doesn’t strike me as someone who believes in anything that could be construed as “silly” – also, he understands the media and he’s a careful thinker and speaker. i don’t think he would say something like this without knowing full well what he’s saying, and in recognition of who he was speaking to, and how much visibility it would get because of who he is.


You say that saracasticly, but there absolutely is a Deep State of government employees that are not beholden to elections or extensive congressional oversight who definitely would not volunteer information or put it where Trump could find it easily precisely because he was a walking security leak. It’s not really a massive conspiracy theory to have people intentionally compartmentalized out of the loop if they’re security risks, and it’s pretty much standard tradecraft for the kind of secrets that our government keeps.

I’m not saying that it’s as nefarious as others made it out, it’s just career secretkeepers knowing that politicians are politicians. Before it was a set of dirty words, deep state was commonly talked about inside and outside the beltway.


Only way for it to be a UFO is if it remains “Unidentified.”

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Just to clear things up, we’re not missing any craft, so you can’t have debris. Also, we don’t exist.

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“…can I see it?”


“…They would not approve that. I don’t know what all the numbers were, what kind of classification it was…”

I’m guessing it was classified MJ-12.