Sen. Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO debris but the Pentagon wouldn't let him see

Mmmm, steamed clams.


Just think how embarrassed the extraterrestrial engineers must be - design ships capable of traversing interstellar space only to have them crash on some rock populated by naked apes.


Mars Climate Orbiter :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:


Except the paradoxical myth of the Deep State is that it is decentralized enough to be uncontrollable, yet it is integral enough to have a unified direction and allegiance.

So, higher-ups don’t know about UFOs (they’d just screw it up). Low-level employees don’t know about UFOs (security clearances too low). There’s just this “sweet spot” of middle managers, who don’t tell anyone else, guard the secret for the sake of guarding the secret, like the immortal Knight in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

The point of a secret is its utility. Nuclear secrets, spy satellite intelligence, technologically innovative secrets. One side wants to use it and prevent another side from using it. Alien UFOs: Just how does the Deep State “use” it? Why does the Deep State prevent its “use” from others? Who is the “other side” in this scenario? There are no logical answers to this. The conspiracy theory collapses.



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It collapses if you assume these are alien ships.

It goes nowhere if you assume these are advanced weapons constructed by friendlies or enemies and even acknowledging them releases information that military powers don’t want released. Everyone’s assuming that these are aliens. And congress critters aren’t higher ups, most of them don’t even have clearances for intelligence briefings. Only a small select few who are on the right committees or are direct liasons have those clearances, and certainly down to a handful have the kind of advanced military weaponry clearances, because they simply don’t need them.

You’re assuming that this is about UFOs because Harry Reid said they denied him a clearance to see that information. I guarantee you they NEVER said there were UFOs, just that the things he was asking about he didn’t have the clearance for.

These guys are very good at keeping secrets. They’re not going to reveal secrets in their denial of secrets. They’re just going to answer the same way as if you or I or anyone else applied for clearances for UFOs or weather control or mind control or astral projection or whatever. “No, you do not have the clearance for that information.”

It doesn’t mean the information exists. That’s the answer for ANY clearance denial. “You don’t have clearance for ________”


Yes, this is very true, but the counter to that is that he’d have to care enough about it to find out the truth in the first place, and Trump proved himself to be the most incurious motherfucker to ever hold the office. He only cares about things that directly impact him, so unless someone told him, “There are aliens, and they voted for you/want to give you money,” he’d never bother to ask anything, nor pay attention if someone told him, repeatedly.


I mean, if you called them illegal aliens I think Trump has shown an interest in tracking them down.


he believed that U.F.O.s may have crashed, and that, if so, we should be studying the fallout.

He is absolutely right in saying this because it covers both cases: either they did or they didn’t. And he is right that if they did we should be studying it. Doesn’t seem like anything to disagree with there, either.


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Ugh, I tried to read the New Yorker story, but not only is it ridiculously long, it falls victim to the annoying way people (Americans? does this happen elsewhere?) to automatically equate UFOs with aliens. Like, you say “I believe in UFOs” because of course there are things in the sky people have seen that they can’t explain, but people hear you say, “I believe we have been visited by ETs”, which, nope.

I’m glad for the new UAP designation. Maybe now we can start talking about mysteries that have mundane origins (which is all of them), and stop talking about fictional little green men.

Edit: OK, I read it, I guess it’s more widespread than I thought, not just the US, and they do discuss that it wasn’t originally about aliens, though it has indeed settled firmly there. It’s still silly, and Kean is a kook, though she seems to be a pleasant one.


If it’s crashed, then it’s not even an unidentified flying object. It’s just an unidentified object. Then, if someone identifies it, it’s an object.

Clearance is granted based on need to know, and he clearly didn’t need to know what that was. If it came out of some top secret lab or was foreign technology we were trying to reverse engineer, we don’t need some rando snooping around. Even if that rando is a US Senator.


I like the question “do you believe in UFOs”. The people who answer yes are the horseshoe outliers of the non-reality based crowd on one end, and the anal retentive scientific types who take everything literally.

It is the ones in the middle to worry about, the ones so sure that nothing in their world is unidentifiable.

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So it’s aliens then? Got it, it’s aliens
I knew it!

If he wasn’t allowed to actually view it, then why was he told of its existence? And told by whom?

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Because he’s Harry Reid and has been talking about Area 51 rumors since he pretty much got elected in 1986. He likely was “told” by some MUFON member who claimed to be a defense contractor. He’s been spouting this “aliens are here” stuff for 30+ years.


There’s a lot of these sorts of folks. Every now and again one gets famous, writes a book, and then their claimed credentials don’t check out. Bob Lazar is one of the more notable ones, but I’ve seen the pattern play out with other, lesser known folks.

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Yeah, and it’s funny because they have this self correcting answer to it that hooks their conspiracy theorists: “Oh , of COURSE they deny that I had these credentials NOW, but here’s a dubious memo from a typewriter that has ‘AREA 51’ on it from when I worked there.”


I used to be really into that stuff when I was in my teens (I uh, did not have many friends). I really got taken in by Bob Lazar and all of the Majic-12 stuff. I was just a kid, but I still can’t really blame Reid. It’s quite a seductive story.