UFOs - in my carrier group?!

Sorry if this is a dupe but IIRC Boing didn’t cover this story… the recent Artic UFO story prompted me to make this topic.

While the object in that article may not be a UFO, the recent NYT article has renewed my interest in the subject:

My pet theory is that if extraterrestrial craft are visiting us, they are not manned - they’re probably piloted by AI (or maybe a Black Mirror style “cookie” pilot).

After all, it looks like the speed of light would be a barrier to manned travel…

Anyways, I thought it would be interesting for our collection of weird but not crazy people to discuss the issue


Between this and the fact that Hillary Clinton is a believer with no special evidence (despite her access) I really wonder. It is clear something like a massive cover up is not happening like in pop culture.

Has she’s specifically a believer in UFOs, or just the idea of intelligent life?

I think it’s become relatively well accepted for people to say there’s probably intelligent life somewhere, the question being is it close enough to visit.

The former.

That’s interesting considering Hillary doesn’t tend to take a side until things have been settled :wink:

Meh… U.F.O. not equal to Aliens… It is flying and unidentified. Probably a top secret drone of some sort.

Some reading for you on the topic:


it’s broken :frowning:

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