The New York Times reports on recent UFO program


Very, very interesting. Those of us who are not burdened with overly-limited perspectives have given this issue credence for years. It’s nice to see mainstream US publications catching up!

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“Identification” is a mental crutch.


So I’m confused. The New York Times prints a pair of pretty significant stories on US government UFO research, showing video of F-18s chasing a UFO, with some pretty compelling bits including references to materials held that are supposedly from recovered crafts, and nobody has anything interesting to say? What the flying fuck? We really do live in the end times, if even this can’t get a reaction from people. Jesus.


It’s the pentagon. when is the last time they said anything that we could take at face value?


Uh, my baeysian filter says:

The last 10,000 “credible” claims about UFOs turned out to be nothing. A couple of newspaper articles aren’t all that compelling with such a mass of prior hoaxes.


You can have a comment later, when I am hopefully feeling calmer and capable of reading the articles, or you can have one now, making jokes about how the Posadists were right all along.

I’d rather choose the first option.

(this comment feels more aggressive than I intended, another reason why you don’t want me commenting now)


Oh, read the damn article before you post, OK? FA-18 sensor footage of a UFO that was found by The Times to be official material is not “nothing.”


I watched the video. It’s a blob of hot stuff that changes speed.


Well aren’t you the armchair expert. The FA-18 fighter pilots and their colleagues sure seemed impressed. But again, you’re the expert. :roll_eyes:


A UFO is not ‘something’ though. If it were, it would just be a FO.

Not that the pentagon would ever try to distract the american public with a snowjob, heavens no.


You know, many Navy ships have turds that magically appear on deck. That’s impressive to Navy pilots too.

Maybe we get to doubt, and it’s not against you?


I’m an expert enough to say that not once in history has any UFO story turned out to be anything of much interest. I’m not too impressed that pilots take themselves very seriously and have little cognitive humility.

There’s lots of poorly understood atmospheric phenomena, and radar and thermal imaging isn’t perfect either. Some Russians nearly started WWIII due to bad sensor data at least once that I know of.


Yeah, this is how hoaxes begin. Some vague kind of evidence, talk of clearer evidence never seen… and an audience desperate for something to change in the world, bigly.

It is open season on the credulous NickyG, in Trumps America, and Navy Pilots are not know for their humanism or humilty, quite the opposite. Mind what you buy into, so quickly? These are people who don’t mind having a laugh at your expense, or did the sky-penis incident not clue you in to that culture??


Well. I will say this. My little brother had a spotless record in the Navy. He told me once briefly he had seen a UFO on night watch on a carrier.

I asked him again a few years later and he insisted it was late and he didn’t remember anything clearly. This was after he did a year as a prison guard at Gitmo, and signed his life away on pain of death.


I’m from a Navy family. They pull shit. It’s harmless shit, but it’s pulled shit. The stories are amazing, and mostly about the reaction they got.

A member of my family has flown a navy plane inside the cone of Mt. Fuji, for example. Pictures to prove it. What a jerk!!!


All the armed forces are like that. I knew plenty of vets from the Army, Navy, USAF, Marines, in college and the ridiculousness of the whoppers they tell are directly proportional to the amount of boring downtime they were forced to endure in hot sand and bug infested mud. With no women or booze.


I think it has less to do with the so-called end times and more to do with being exasperated by and overloaded on Bigfoot, Flat-Earthers, Moon Mission Conspiracy Theorists, and other brain cell-destroying BS. Reasonable people are fatigued and saying “just go away”.


Robert Bigelow, a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Mr. Reid, received most of the money allocated for the Pentagon program.

“We’re sort of in the position of what would happen if you gave Leonardo da Vinci a garage-door opener,” said Harold E. Puthoff, an engineer who has conducted research on extrasensory perception for the C.I.A. and later worked as a contractor for the program.

Ruh-roh. Woo-woo alert!


Thanks for posting this!
It’s a very interesting video. In my opinion whatever it turns out to be, it’s worth investigating.
The negative response to such reports can actually be harmful to scientific progress, as was the case with upper-atmospheric lightning sightings that pilots were afraid to report. Another case of not fully understood phenomena is ball lightning. It’s so rare, that there aren’t even much videos of it. There are several different theories, and recently even numerical models.
If reported sighting turned out to be atmospheric phenomena, understanding and successfully modeling it would have not only great scientific importance, but also probably valuable technical applications.


Strange lights seen over Area 51. Eventually, the military admits that Groom Lake is a test site for experimental aircraft. For several years in the mid-80s, people across the American southwest were reporting a rash of “boomerang” or “V” shaped UFOs. In 1988, the Air Force went public with the B2 stealth bomber.

I choose to believe that we have been visited by extraterrestrial craft, and I would not be surprised to find that our government knows more than we do- But again, that’s something I choose to believe on skimpy and questionable evidence, because if true, it makes my world a weirder and more fun place.

Ultimately, though, I go back to what my buddy Ken says- Why would an advanced race abduct humans and give them anal probes when after 50 years, all they’ve learned is that one in ten really don’t mind the probe so much?