New York Times: Navy pilots reported a rash of strange UFO encounters

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Gosh frack if there are really aliens out there, please help. I’m not even kidding.


*stops reading*


I wonder about the process of how, as aircraft adopt new types of sensors and electronics packages, with previously unknown types of artifacts and errors, new “UFO sightings” occur. I also wonder how long it takes for previous “UFO sightings” to be recognized as the artifacts generated by now-familiar instruments whose failings have become understood.

I’d really like to believe some weird shit is going on (ETs or not), but if the history of cameras in relation to other “paranormal” activities are any example, these are the equivalent of bugs on the lens or light-leaks being mistaken for “ghosts.”


Occam’s Razor, folks. Life’s Party Pooper.

Here’s the entire NYT article. Reading the whole thing should dispel any wild notions (damn it).


Back when a lot of the pics and stories were of the then unknown stealth fighter and bomber which got reported as ufo’s I read in popular science about a rig worker who used to be a plane spotter and was sure it was an airplane just one he had never seen before as they were flying out of Area 51/Groom Lake over the Pacific Ocean.
Dollars to donuts it is a new unannounced aircraft from China or Russia… and most likely an unmanned one.

ETA in before anyone else beats me to it.


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So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.


If not some imaging artifact (note that the 2014/15 UFO sightings occurred following system ‘upgrades’) then my bet would be on some US vehicle of some sort (real world test to determine detectability?)

Time will tell.

(Waiting for Trump/Cruz to take credit… saying it’s part of their Space Force.)


I had the immense privilege of taking this gentleman’s 100 level college class on the subject of UFO’s

You may remember him as the insane guy from History Channel, or a post Hynek OG of the MUFON early UFO scene depending on your involvement with this subject. But the class was (some what surprisingly) a pretty skeptical, serious, and well researched review of the cultural history of the UFO phenomenon.

UNTIL we hit abduction. The very last lecture involved Dr. Jacobs standing on a desk poiting at people in turn and shouting “and YOU’VE been abducted, and YOU’VE been abducted, and you and you and you. And THAT person is a hybrid”.

It was great

But one of the things David always stressed is that you shouldn’t put too much stock in military reports or investigations into UFOs. The military, especially the Navy and the Air Force. Has to investigate nearly anything in the sky. You and I hear UFO and think “aliens”. But the DOJ thinks “possible Russian Drone”. Unidentified Flying Object. All that means is we dunno. Once upon a time space ships made as much sense as foreign air craft. But our military is legally required to find out if its the latter (and the former could be pretty damn important). It doesn’t matter if its a hung over pilot, or a weird mirage, or a prank. The US military is gonna treat, and report, all of these sightings as if they could be real. Cause there’s always that slight possibility that it’s a secret zombie Hitler plane, sent to bomb the local Pride parade.

ETA: Oh and in terms of cool things Dr. Jacobs was the second teacher I had to teach me how to induce sleep paralysis in a crowd. But he was the first to actually do it. Even kept statistics on who had an episode after his lecture on the subject. Men were more likely to have already experienced it, but women were more likely to have had their first episode after the lecture. 60% of people with a history of it had an episode after his deliberate attempt to cause it. Something like 30% of people with no history had their first occurrence. I actually did a paper for another class on that after the first time I saw it, and repeated that math so he weren’t bullshitting. Of course he thought susceptibility to sleep paralysis meant you were abducted in the past. And immunity meant you were a hybrid.


Reminds me of a short story about a guy who had a real flying saucer crash on his property. He realized no one would believe him if he reported it, so he called the military saying it was some strange Russian aircraft.


Yeah the only thing I would add is that it might have been a US UAV, using US military eyes and ears as sort of a double blind test.


It’s   image   all over again…


Came here to make sure a Giorgio meme had been posted… left satisfied.

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23&me must have really harshed his buzz.


If you have mitochondrial DNA, you’re a hybrid.


I bet they’ve been making these air crafts since Operation Paperclip. All that sweet theory of relativity and quantum mechanics had to be put some better use than complete destruction of the planet. Maybe these UAPs were what kept the Cold War cooler… everyone with their finger on the big red button got a glimpse of the technology we had and thought, But we still send rockets into outer space to keep the oil industry afloat? We’ll make sure most of the world’s population is praying for their lives Monday to Friday while we fly these cool aircrafts and feel like kids again.

Back in the seventies there used to be report after report of UFO sightings in Scotland, not far from a USAF base. Eventually the US went public with their Stealth aircraft, and most people realised that this was what they had been seeing - it was such a strange shape, unlike a regular aircraft, it was no wonder they didn’t recognise it. And this is more of the same. Someone has come up with an aircraft shape that is unlike the usual style, and maybe they are exercising some kind of cloaking function - cloaking devices have been reported in the popular science press for a while, and it’s a fair bet that military intelligence is all over it, with far better abilities than anyone will admit. If the military are going public with these reports, it’s probable we will find out what it really is, in a few years.


hmm, a “bugs on the lens or light-leaks” that happens to also correspond with radar data…

More likely some kind of secret drone, ours or theirs. The observation of it “tumbling” or spinning, suggests some new configuration for propulsion.


If I have Neanderthal dna; I’m a hybrid.

Just not an alien/human hybrid.


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