"Navy UFO" moves with camera mechanisms in glaring problem for alien fans

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This just shows how agile the UFO is; it is capable of coordinating its movements with those of the camera! :open_mouth: :thinking: :sunglasses: :nerd_face: :disguised_face: :crazy_face:


Yeah, but.

Well that takes the fun out.

I mean, not really? I guess I always kind of assumed that the exact shape in the video was at least partially a video artifact. The interesting part is that it’s apparently a real object, or at least it appears on thermal, visual, and radar.

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I can highly recommend Mick West’s podcast, Tales from the Rabbit Hole. It’s mostly talking to people who believe various conspiracy theories, with some people on the “debunking” side. Really interesting conversations, and he’s great at pushing back on claims without being an asshole.


If Hollywood has taught me anything about UFOs it’s that “those suckers are glued to the road!”


The unacknowledged contributor to these “sightings” that is not usually mentioned; click-bait saturation causing people to ignore their more sensible boring side and go with the highly improbable because it is more fun.

I suspected most of the ufos being exclaimed over would come down to glare on the windshield, for example, combined with desire. Mostly because it would explain the apparently physical-law-violating movements. Here it is proven. That part I did not expect to happen. Hooray for skepticism.

I’m not that big a genius. This is the explanation for a lot of sightings in the past.

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Several years ago, I was driving back to the city at around 2am, middle of nowhere. In the distance where the highway met the horizon, there was an incredibly bright light up in the sky - For almost 45 minutes, it was like a train headlight. Then it faded. A few minutes later, another, less powerful light appeared for a few minutes.

Turns out… it was lighting on an airplane. My monotonous straight highway lined up perfectly with the E to W flightpath airlines use when coming from Toronto, and the plane… gosh, must have been well over 200 miles away when I first saw it… is that possible? It 100% was a large airliner.

We must have been so well aligned and the atmospheric conditions so perfect. Considering I was going 100 KM/H and the plane coming at me much, much faster, the length of time this lasted was really something.

It was the 2nd instance of lights that cemented for me this was a plane… being much closer to this one, I could better observe coloured marker lights on the wings when it banked towards the city.

I long for the day when I see something with my own two eyes that cannot be explained away by science and logic.


From where my house is, I see rows of lights on clear nights- they are aircraft on an approach vector to one of the three airports in my area (two minor, and one international).

Does it look spooky and other worldly? Yep. But if one sits for a while and watches, you’ll see one of the lights disappear as the plane turns, and depending on how busy things are, another one will light up from further out as it turns and lines up with where I’m at.


Yes, but did they pay the toll at the Ohio state line? (The toll operator seems to think the police cars are supposed to pay, why not the alien craft too?)


It would have been a nice visual joke for a soda machine at the toll booth to start paying out in quarters.

But we’ll have to settle for the gag of the cop saying “they’re glued to the road” right before he flies off the road trying to follow them.

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Here’s my XKCD comic.

Guy and girl together looking at the sky. A strange light appears high up.
The girl says “There’s a logical scientific reason for this, so I’m not going to lose my shit.”
Last box has the guy gushing hearts and being all in love.


I find the analysis of the top-secret gimbal camera system to be the most fascinating part of this video.
Err, the patented top-secret gimbal camera system.


I live 6 miles south of our international airport, and on busy clear nights I have counted as many as 15 aircraft in line.

One night I wanted to view stars away from the city lights, so I grabbed my telescope and drove straight south about 30-40 miles, and set it up at the edge of some dark field. Looking south, I noticed a stationary bright object above the horizon that was out of place. I pointed the scope at it, and it was a jet many dozens of miles away. While I couldn’t use the equatorial mount to track it, I didn’t need to as it was almost perfectly centered in my eyepiece for ten or more minutes at a time; a minor adjustment gave me another several minutes of viewing. I was amazed at how true their flight path was for so long.


I’ve seen some analysis of the various videos that suggested that the most likely identification of the flying objects was birds or even just mylar balloons, which are definitely real but not that interesting… (because their apparent high speed movement is also an artifact of how they were filmed).


I don’t think we’ll ever see clear video/pictures of a UFO until what is being photographed is actually alien. Everything that isn’t an intentional hoax seems a lot like the stories of buildings, etc. spotted on Mars–once you get a better angle, or a closer view, it turns out that the object is just a rock. We don’t ever see UFOs close up on high resolution video because UFO videos are the product of the limitations of the technology capturing natutral or manufactured phenomena.


Reminds that a lot of the equipment used to capture the triangle “crafts” have triangle shaped aperatures. Take a distant light such as an airplane and focus it just right (or wrong) and bam! Mystery Triangle Ships! -Not every instance, but certainly enough. I’m still open to possibilities. I’d lean more towards extra-dimensional rather than aliens traveling lightyears through meatspace.


So, news coverage of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake/tsunami reaches western viewers… and guess what UFO nutcases make of the evening shots of hovering lights above the most damaged areas. That’s right. Must be curious UFOs checking things out. Guess what reaction I got from an nutcase acquaintance when I pointed out that the lights were rescue and news helicopters. That’s right.

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I assume you’re talking about the Mick West/Metabunk analysis? I just found those and they’re pretty interesting. I’m pretty sold on GOFAST being a bird or a balloon based on the ranging data from the imaging system. After a quick glance, the other two, beyond the discussion here on GIMBAL, mostly seem to be in the vein of, “it’s possible that these are distant planes.” And it’s certainly good to be clear on what the video actually does or doesn’t show, but that doesn’t go very far in explaining what the pilots reported seeing.

It’s interesting; hell, it’s officially interesting according to the DIA report from last year. That’s absolutely not the same thing as “it’s definitely aliens,” but it does suggest that at least some of these events are more difficult to explain than GOFAST, and I think the answer there is going to be interesting whatever it is.

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