Former CIA chief shares his thoughts on UFOs

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I suppose it is the official position of the United States government that this is not true. Yet still, I wonder…


“Is there life outside the States? Who’s to say? Maybe we droned weather balloons. :man_shrugging:

I know that’s not quite what Brennan meant. But geez, Freudian slip much?


The video shows 1. an artifact of the optics of a gimbaled camera, 2. A bird, and 3. an amorphous blob that shows no indication of being anything but an airplane. If this is most compelling video evidence available, why are we asking Brennan about UFOs, again?


This has always been my stance. Just look up into the cosmos and think how ridiculous that notion is, that we’re the only planet with life on it.
Also, since we are in the “rural” district of our galaxy, makes sense that we don’t get many visitors.
Also, if you knew us, would you want to visit? :wink:


People are pointing to this as if it’s some sort of admission, but the only admission I see is him acknowledging the US government doesn’t know what those unidentified flying objects really are (and thus definitely don’t have any sort of flying saucers stashed in Area 51).

Yeah, I think the evidence suggests life is extremely common. The question really is how common sustainable, tool-using cultures are. Evidence from Earth would suggest there are none at all (including ourselves…).

Although “intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe, therefore that’s the explanation for UFOs” seems to me to be on par with “intelligent life exists somewhere in the universe, therefore we really are being secretly ruled by Reptilians” as far as logical leaps go.


Big-time fuckup right there. We learned in The Right Stuff that the US Navy has no pilots. They are aviators. Any ‘pilots’ must have been driving choppers or harbor pilot craft.


I think what he’s trying to get at is that even if the thing we are looking at is an artificial flying object, it isn’t necessarily space aliens. It’s possible China or Russia have fast maneuverable drones that they use to spy on Navy flights.

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I want to believe. :alien:

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Jeez! had to read all that to find out nobody still knows.

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If we are being visited by intelligent life that has the capability of getting a craft to us, we are in deep doo doo.

The Dark Forest says hi.


Have you listened to any lengthy interviews with Commander David Fravor who was one of the eyewitnesses? Your answers of 1,2 and 3 are all incorrect.


I agree, but I also think it’s a bit disingenuous when believers characterize most UFO skeptics as making that argument in the first place.

I believe in giraffes, but if my kids claimed a giraffe was sticking its neck through their window and stealing socks from their room when nobody was looking I’d still want to see some evidence before accepting their story as the most likely explanation for their missing socks.


What kind of statement did you expect him to make? “Yes. It’s aliens. We’ve known for decades.” Or maybe "these are experimental craft, top secret, let me tell you all about them…"


Oh, you mean the same David Fravor who bragged to Joe Rogan about creating UFO hoaxes? THAT David Fravor? Quite the paragon of credibility you’ve got there, pal.

No, they’re not.

Valid point. And I think it goes both ways.
I am not one of “those” believers, but I have had discussions with people where we weren’t even talking about UFOs and they nonetheless discarded any and all notion of life on other planets. Looking back, I think they might’ve been conflating the idea of life in the universe with UFOs. Live and learn. Live long and prosper. :wink:

P.S. giraffe got those socks somewhere…


IDK why something from Alpha Centauri would spend 20 years traveling at 20% of the speed of light in a ship powered with antimatter to come to Earth and harrass us. There’s probably life elsewhere in the galaxy but the galaxy is 100,000 light-years across. Getting to another star is really difficult.


It’s hard to pull off stripes with spots.


No intelligent life has visited this planet because they would have already deemed us an eventual threat to the Universe and wiped us out already.