Sen. Harry Reid: Lockheed has crashed UFO debris but the Pentagon wouldn't let him see

Russians and Chinese are aliens especially if they’re flying in the USA without a proper visa on the passport.

Now, I’m absolutely sure that Lockeed is very interested on how Sukhoi or Chengdu are making their products, and at the same time make them don’t be aware that they know something and aren’t telling anyone about it.

I think if USA/Russia and USA/China relatios deteriorates, UFO sightings will rise.

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Put me in the camp of “UFO does not mean extraterrestrial, and I don’t think Senator Reid meant it that way”. It just means he believes that Lockheed might have debris of a crashed object that hasn’t been identified. Could be skunk works, could be old Soviet stuff, he doesn’t know, and absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Even simpler: Humans are lousy observers but are unwilling to admit or even process that fact.

I am both a twitcher and shutterbug and I have seen hundreds of things up in the sky I could not identify. But most likely they were birds, planes, satelites, astronomical objects, mirages and other reflections, optical illusions, weather phenomena… the list is endless. (Not to mention whisk(e)y, beer, funny cigarettes…)

If a person sees a UFO it is far more likely caused by a failure in the identification.


perks of the internet: I read the opening line “Reid is a silent” as a (playful!) attempt to locate him in some alien conspiracy theory, along grays and lizars and whatnot (possibly influenced by The Silence from Doctor Who? lol)… then I realized, oh, generation. Of course.

And I’m a sociologist. :sweat_smile:


yeah, that term has been burned by this idea that there is an organized shadow organization out to advance some set agenda.

As a political science and sociology point, of course there is no one “state”, there is a diverse labyrinth of institutions with their own agendas, who of course report and publicize according to those interests, and who of course spin to the politicians of the day who have been elected to oversee them. These bureacracies are not the friends of these politicians; they rather seek to pacify any reform urges they might have, as that upsets the regular functioning of the bureacracy.

I work for the state; I know how I report things to my higher-ups, and how they report things to the state government that oversees them. The idea that a politician elected to serve as head of the executive and their staff know what’s going on and has a malleable bureaucracy there to serve the elected leaders, and finally the electorate, is a ludricous fairytale for preschoolers.

This is not a conspiracy theory, it’s mere inertia and self-interestedness in a maze of agencies.The idea that this is a nefarious conspiracy theory, on the other hand, is a ludicrous fairytale for people who think institutions work like they do in movies. Except on Yes Minister!, which does a great job showing how permanent bureaucracies really work in the face of a revolving door of politicians; I really do recommend that old show (from 80s Britain).


There are leaked sketches. Based on a sighting in Oakland a couple years back.

I hate being the skeptic on this one cause I was probably the most into UFOlogy and other nonsense in the 90s (I was also a Rush Limbaugh fan as a teen, so I was the weirdest loser lol). Anyways, the fact is that we already know quite a bit about our part of the galactic neighborhood. There’s for sure no signs of any interstellar civilization at this point. And if there’s one just getting started now, we won’t see them for a long time coming cause of light lag. By then we might be a fledging interstellar civilization ourselves and they’re the mature adult on the block. Regardless, it’s nice to have an imagination thinking there might be someone waiting up in space to greet us but the fact is what we do know about the universe and our galaxy points to a very sparse distribution of life and intelligent life with a civilization capable of impressing itself onto the universe. We just gonna have to wait or become ET ourselves lol.

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Hell, Bill Clinton asked Web Hubble when he was Prez to look into UFOs cause he was a big UFO dork like me before I was born. Point being, if Web Hubble didn’t find anything that Bill found worthy to bring up then there’s probably nothing lol.

Seems to me we should retire the term “unidentified” in the context of these things, and replace it with something with more nuance. I mean, “unidentified” in what sense? In the sense of “well, it’s clearly a plane, we just don’t know whether it’s a 777 or a 787” and “it’s a balloon, but whether it’s Batman or SpongeBob Squarepants WE JUST DON’T KNOW.” Because all the videos that have been “confirmed” by the Pentagon fall into this category, and it’s not useful to equivocate.

Believing there is any chance alien spacecraft have crashed on our planet is 100% silly. This has been discussed at length in a million BB threads though, and I’m going to retire from this one. There are too many UFO true believers in this community to be worth having this conversation yet again.

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I agree with you, I was just pointing out that his sentence was logical if he was trying to cover all bases without committing to one point of view. Politicians like to appeal to as many constituencies as possible.

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