CIA: check out our UFO files!

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They’re only doing this to distract us from the swamp gas.


But when are they going to release the ORIGINAL, un-altered versions of those photos??


APPLAUSE! Made my day, Brainspore.


Isn’t that just an average steelworker from Sheffield?


Back when Obama first got elected, I recommended that during his first month or so in office, he should issue a statement telling the “truth” about UFOs, Aliens, Area 51, and what the Air Force has in the basement about Roswell. Just for fun, because when you’re President you can do that. Doesn’t matter if it says

  • I checked with the Air Force and they say No, there were no aliens or UFOs in Roswell
  • I checked with the Air Force and they say there used to be aliens in Roswell but they escaped
  • I checked into the Roswell thing, and it turns out Harry Truman had Disney make them up to scare the Russians. They were totally fake. Klaatu barado nicto.

Too little too late.

I’m angry.

Totally won’t like me when I’m angry.

E says, “Own it.”

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