Watch Bill Clinton talk about UFOs, Area 51, and Roswell

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This clip is worth it just for the first two minutes, where he describes how you understand what a president believes in.


Season 3 GIF by Parks and Recreation

Also, before he was president, Jimmy Carter saw a UFO. Since he mentioned once publicly, a bunch of UFO enthusiasts ended up sending letters to the white house when he was president. I don’t think he did much about it…

Also, Monstrum (PBS Storied) did a video on grays about a week ago…

He looks great, BTW… seems like he’s been taking care of himself since he had that heart attack a while back (wasn’t it a heart attack… too lazy to go look).


Just as soon as the evidence gets better than the same blurry smudges we had 75 years ago, despite several total revolutions in the quality and quantity of cameras and radar systems, then it’ll be a legitimate question, Bill.

Former presidents gettin’ press by talkin’ ‘bout aliens is a cliché at this point. Doesn’t mean a damn thing.

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