FBI got secret court order in mid-2016 to monitor Carter Page as part of Russia-Trump probe

RICO; indeed, it is pretty much the thing the FBI was created to combat. :wink:

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That hurt my eyes, too.


Okay, laugh at me if you must, but when I read the headline, I thought, “Why would they do anything with a page that worked for Jimmy Carter?”

I’ve had no java yet, if that helps. Gonna make some now.


Yeah, I think that’s what Robert Bentley said, too.


I guess that sword cuts both ways. Or the petard hoists. Or something.


The FBI and the Justice Department obtained the warrant targeting Carter Page’s communications after convincing a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge that there was probable cause…

I don’t think those FISA judges take much convincing. Over the last 33 years, FISA approved 99.97% of warrant requests.


Remember, they are the TRUE victims.


Trump/Russia/Offshore $$$$$$$$$$

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To expand a bit here, the New York FBI office is apparently infested with anti-democrat and specifically anti-Clinton idiocy, e.g. falling for the bullshit in Clinton Cash.

I think the biggest revelation is there was enough probable cause for FISA to approve surveillance of an American citizen for espionage. Probable cause usually means there’s enough solid evidence to arrest and indict- it’s not just speculation or a fishing expedition. It’s actually a fairly high bar to meet. I don’t think the FBI goes to FISA without a pretty strong case which is one reason for the high approval rate.

Means there’s more than just smoke here and probably the strongest indication so far of real shenanigans between Russia and Trump campaign.

I always thought that there should be a term for people who do this, like white dudes who claim to be the Rosa Parks of some stupid BS…


I hope you’re right, since those courts are entirely opaque.

FBI? What about CIA?

Just trying to make sure everyone’s on the same Page.


I’ve read that the number is misleading as about a quarter of the warrants are approved only after resubmission with substantial changes, and applications that are dropped before final submission are excluded from that number altogether. At any rate the FISA court doesn’t seem to be any more of a rubber stamp than the regular district courts, which grant normal wiretap warrants 99.96% of the time.


A lot of things can’t be justified with all the information we have now, but at the time, with each actor only having a partial view of the situation, most decisions appear to have been made in good faith.

There are some big exceptions, aside from the criminality – Chaffetz should never have leaked the letter, and some journalists made inexplicable decisions to ignore information given to them by reliable sources.

Scuttlebutt says Inquiring minds won’t have to wait much longer.

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