FBI seeking better automatic tattoo recognition tech


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Coming up next, “dazzle” art using henna or the equivalent, to obfuscate your ink when you know you’re going to get booked.


This is one reason why I have never gotten a tattoo.


There will be bonus jail time for the first person booked with a "); DROP TABLE tattoos;–, tattoo.





Yes folks, she is a Mother, a Grandmother, a Sister, a Wife, and a Friend.


A Scramble Tattoo - cheaper than a whole suit.


I’ve seen many Tigers old English ‘D’ tattoos 'round here over the years, but never one with the Red Wings logo and a bit of Lions blue within. Quite the Detroit sports fan there.


No Ragrets!

Will the image recognition system have a spell checker?


“No regerts” is givin’ me serious giggles.




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