FBI: We have flown drones inside the US 10 times



I totally believe them.


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I think we can go ahead and call bull**** on this right now.

Standard response from the FBI’s higher-ups:
If it makes our job even slightly easier, then it’s an absolute necessity that every field office has one. Even unconstitutional methods and devices. Because National Security (read militarization of law enforcement) is more important than the bill of rights, and public oversight.

10 times 1000 meaning 10,000

“Limited”, the most abused word of 2013.

OK, the obvious needs to be stated. Obama is as bad or worse than Bush. Domestic espionage, disenfranchisement of civil rights, and the militarization of civilian authorities. Obama has brought the war home.

Where have to get a big protest against Obama. I know the problem is bigger than Obama but he’s the focal point. Bush/Obama, Democrat/Republican - its all the same.

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Bush/Obama, Democrat/Republican - its all the same.

It’s the Uniparty - nothing more than opposing management teams for the same corporate machine. The entire partisan Bush was worse / Obama is evil argument is laughable.

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