FCC denies China Mobile's application to provide services in U.S. over national security concerns

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/05/09/citing-espionage-fears-fcc-de.html

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IMO foreign companies should never be allowed to bid on taxpayer funded projects.

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But, but …what about the free market!!!

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And then foreign countries would reciprocate, leading to the development of their own “home grown” tech companies.

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That would be excellent.

This is of course where the US’s current bit of foot-stamping about whether Huawei can be involved in the UK’s 4G network becomes rather more questionable.

The UK, thanks to complete idiocy and a full-on deep-throating of the virtues of the free market and the early tech boom, no longer has any capacity of its own to create such a network (essentially we flogged it all in a stock option fuelled CEO feeding frenzy).

I’m sure the US government’s huge concern about Huawei in the UK has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that the only alternative would be to use US companies instead.

Our only realistic choices are Chinese companies who might pwn our networks at the behest of their government or US companies who might pwn our networks at the behest of their government.

Now, one might think that given that we always hand over anything the US wants anyway even if it’s not in our national interest, we should just go with the US.

But then, we’re also in the middle of a self-mutilation fest which means we need some bargaining chips in order to have some hope of coming out of negotiations for a US-UK trade deal with perhaps a small hankie to cover Britannia’s modesty.

Alcatel-Lucent is French.
Of course, you could spend some money on local manufacturing and get yourselves out of this mess.

But we only joined the EU in the first place to get one over on the French. :slight_smile:

Also, their Frenchness is a little iffy. As far as I know bits of what used to be Alcatel-Lucent are owned by Nokia and the rest is Chinese-owned. And the Lucent bit was of course a US company.

Uh-huh. Sure, long term it’s the sensible answer but in the short term?

Short term thinking is what got you into this mess. Stop it. Bad Brit. No Donuts for you.

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