FDA to approve emergency use of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

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@SteveFDA. Stop playing games and start saving lives!!!

Trump will be claiming credit for this news, saying it is as a result of this tweet in 3…2…1…

Won’t somebody just take his fucking phone off him now? Can we crowdfund a giant Faraday cage to be dropped over the White House?

Anyone know how many doses US ordered from Pfizer and how many will be in the first delivery? (Divide by 2 to get the number of people who can be vaccinated.)


Now as an old guy living in an assisted living facility, I’ve been told that I will be second in line for the vaccine after medical personnel.
My Dr and staff actually knew the timeline and distribution plans for a vaccine some months back. All the were waiting for was the magic elixir itself. These folks are way ready for this big ass job.
Depending on how this roll out is covered here, I’ll report back and let you all know how it actually feels going through the two stage process.


To be fair, I’ve heard credible evidence that Operation Warp Speed was a real success. Basically, the government gave the money to the right people and companies and not only did the right government agencies keep track of and push the companies doing the research, they also helped out with logistics when necessary. I heard this on a podcast, but can’t quite remember where (I’ll try and find the source when I have time). Mostly, though, I was shocked at how effective this was coming from an administration so ineffective.

The Pfizer vaccine is the one that the Trump administration declined to purchase more than 100 million doses of, right? So there will only be (up to) 50 million people getting vaccinated from that for the foreseeable future (at least during the first half of 2021). Talking about vaccinating that many people by the end of January, and leaving out that that’s where the vaccination program ends is a wee bit misleading of Azar. (Also, from what I’ve read, they’re not, by any means, ready to distribute those doses, either.)


Maybe they are. But the powers that be aren’t.

They want 50m vaccinated by the end of January. But after that we won’t have enough of the Pfizer vaccine to do another 50m till june at the earliest. Cause Trump declined to lock in a contract for more.

Hospitals were way ready to deal with the big ass job of a pandemic. Then the federal government fucked them on supplies, equipment and funding. Every hospital in the country has had epidemic response staff, a detailed plan, updated numbers on material needs.

100 million. So enough to hit that 50m by the end of January, but Pfizer has said they’re unlikely to have capacity to send more to the US government before June.

So unless one or two of the other vaccines gain approval quickly enough Trump has left of us with 6 months of not enough vaccine to go around.

I believe we’ve contracted at least 100m doses of each of the other 2 that look to be heading towards approval.


You’ve heard? People are saying? (That sounds familiar…)
I’m sticking with what has been the pattern all along.
The guy could not get PPE and masks and ventilators to the places they were needed.
It’s more likely something industry would have done on its own.
It’s more likely Trump claiming credit for sunny days, when the sun is out.
Even just the name Warp Speed speaks to his wishful thinking and bloviation.

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The BioNTech vaccine was developed without Operation Warp Speed participation.


It was a comment I dashed off before starting work. Here’s the article and link to the podcast I was talking about.

The experts agree that Operation Warp Speed played a significant role in Moderna’s development of a potential vaccine.

Maybe it’s fake news, so :man_shrugging:.

As I said above: that’s not the vaccine we’re talking about here. The BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine did not receive a dollar from Operation Warp Speed

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