[feature request] Ability to "LIKE" mod actions

Sooo…why did Strom Thurmond live so long?


I for one welcome the day when we are the old *ist people with the outdated ideals.

Relevant reading (that I found pretty interesting):


Because God hates us. Next question.

I feel, for me, this is in the area of trans stuff. I am not against transgender rights, I have a very strong “do whatever you want as long as it’s not hurting other people in a real, not imaginary, way” bent … but I get super nervous and uncomfortable around transgender people in person.

I think it’ll be up to our children to be ultra-accepting of the Gender is an Imaginary Construct generation. And that’s OK. Not all social issues have to be solved in a single generation. With any luck, we have at least a few hundred thousand years to go before we destroy everything on Earth.


And to that I’d say that I don’t care what you think.

I live my life to please me, not anyone else.

And again, not that its any of your business but personally I don’t come to the BBS to debate; I come here to have some fun with other intellectual people who seem to hold similar core values (and an equivalent level of snark.)

I only engage the people whom I enjoy, and I tend to avoid or ignore the ones I don’t… which is why this may be one of my only conversations with you on this site.


For those of us out of the loop, could you please point out on the map exactly where that is?



When I spent time in Germany I was surprised at the amount of everyday political discourse that occurred without anybody yelling or getting into a fistfight.


I managed it.


Unfortunately, the rest of the libertarian-kid’s memeplex kept me from building any momentum on that score.


Great, that’s what I get for snarking right after a big lunch. :slight_smile: Next stop, Germany!


So true. I do debate things here sometimes (too much, really, thanks to the elections), but I generally am hoping more to joke around, catch up with the regulars and their things, see if there’s anything (mostly) wonderful, or post hedgehog photos.


… and TIL how to say hedgehog in Japanese.


Your hedgie shoops do make me smile, often.


Always glad when people like them. :slight_smile: This one cracked me up:

also, always glad to derail threads



Creativity, humor, snark, new knowledge (especially of things technical); that’s what drew me to the BBS, and what caused me to stay.

Negativity, energy leeching, contrariness, and just plain unpleasantness, though?

If I wanted to deal with any of that shit, I’d just go to a family reunion.


You could always drop by the Argument Clinic



Most of my family makes the entire clinic’s staff look inept, by comparison.

There’s a reason I live 3000 miles away…



I think I need to go in here and flag everything that isn’t talking about the feature request.


In my opinion, snark belongs in the second group.


I’ve already gone all Regina George on this post once today, so I’ll just say this:

That’s nice.

I was stating why I come here, not why you come here.

To be fair, I did start out talking about your request.

I’m not the one who started the derailment, but I will apologize for the part I played in continuing it.

I’m sure it was no fun watching it turn into an unnecessary pissing contest.

That sounds like another feature request - a “flag all” button :smiley:

I am going to take a slight departure here and address the OP :blush:

Originally we had it so mod actions take up much more space and even have full controls. Topics got mighty noisy with all these repeated giant yellow blocks.

I really like the current styling there, it is not too loud, the inability to “like/flag/bookmark” these posts is quite deliberate. These are not “contributions” we expect the community to dispute/like or bookmark.

I feel that if @Falcor is aching for some extra likes as recognition for at last closing that topic then @Falcor can make one more post saying, look mutants, this has gone on for long enough ... cut it out I am closing . (note I have no idea what that topic is, but assume it was)

(In fact, as a luck dragon @falcor can even post on closed topics)