[feature request] Ability to "LIKE" mod actions

Would you consider working in an nps score?

Well, of course. Just as I was speaking of my own lived experience.

Slashdot gets a lot of grief these days, maybe rightfully so, but I always admired their moderation system, it’s one of the best ever designed IMHO.

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It’s pretty brilliant, but it requires a high volume of users, and in spite of all the theoretical up and down votes/mod points, the key to getting a highly rated post is to post something moderately good, early. There is a really heavy bias towards early posts, in spite of requests to those with mod points to read with filters set to low.


Well, hey now, sounds like you’re itching for a fight with that pretty controversial opinion. Though I can easily agree and let this go if you change your analogy to public masturbation. Phew! that’s a load off.


If I recall correctly, even that was trolled.

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