Fellow enjoys VR sex simulation so much he won't stop when asked to


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OK-- is he actually fucking it? Or just dry humping it? WTF


“Hey, c’mon. . . I’m almost there!”


I interviewed Robert Anton Wilson for bOING bOING (the zine) in 1988 and he told me he was not concerned about virtual reality sex because people who favored it over real sex would be weaned from the gene pool.

I knew there was a reason I loved his books!
Three cheers for natural selection :tada:

He’s…mind fucking it?

Edit to add: In other news, why is a carnival balloon animal dressed like Sailor Jupiter? Does Naoko Takeuchi know about this?


To be fair, with the earphones and goggles on and such gentle “redirection” from the attendant he might not even have known.

(Still frickin’ hilarious though!)


That video’ll take some living down.


By chance, when reading it my mouse just wandered over a little icon on the windows toolbar and popped a tooltip:
“Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media”.

I think it’s a message fitting here.


Wait 'til the virtual beer goggles come off and he finds someone has handed him an inflatable sheep.


“would be weaned from the gene pool”

Oh brother, I had a asthma attack laughing so hard at this one!


In the land where you can go to prison for making art of your vagina…

…there is a man humping a simulacrum of a cartoon of an impossible woman.


Who needs VR? They already have the dakimakura…


I think you’re misinterpreting the video. I don’t think anyone’s telling him to stop.

If you look at the video display behind him, which shows what he’s seeing, you see it transforms from some abstract representation of a woman to some kind of game (at around 0:47), that seems to involve flying around and abstract explosions.

The doll seems to control which way he flies.

It looks like his friends are trying to help him in the game, and control where he’s going. If you look, they’re always looking at the screen when they move the doll around for him.


There was an Upright Citizens Brigade episode where this was the punchline, although I think when the character realized he had been in this VR world he was the uh, “doll” so to speak


It only looks like Sailor Jupiter to you. To him it looks like the Female Titan.



And apparently in a public location, no less.


It’s called an ORGASM, silly.


I’ll never see that message the same way :confused:


So… he is playing: Fuck Fuck Revolution?


Pleasure to help! :smiley:


That or Donkey Dong.