Fellowships to fund work on a "Human-Centric Internet"

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At this point, anything would be an improvement.


Well I guess the Fellowship had to do something after taking credit for getting the one ring to Mount Doom but I was hoping for something that took all the peoples of Middle Earth into account.


Right now, we have an addiction-centric Internet.

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Like actually talking to people about stuff?


Reading this, I am picturing the new human-centric internet as squatting over a hand mirror with an ethernet cable duct-taped to it

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We don’t hear too much about this in the self-absorbed US, but there are actually many projects relating to this emerging from European groups related to the Commons/P2P movement. Many have been focused on ‘platform cooperatives’ --that is, web and crypto platforms for managing cooperative organizations. Edgeryders is a group that had previously worked on community interventions, as in the ancient Italian city of Matera. (which had mixed results but introduced the elderly community to a much bigger world than they might have been aware of…) Recently, they’ve setup shop in Morocco where, in addition to projects like this, there’s been much interest in fungus cultivation for building and packaging.

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