Female BBC manager publicly declines promotion over pay inequality

Apparently, it’s because he’s been “at or above this level for several years whereas Karen was offered this role as a promotion, with a significant pay increase.”

So says BBC Head of news output, Gavin Allen, adding:

“We think most people would understand that these factors would result in some difference between their individual pay.”

She says:

“Despite being awarded the same job, on the same day, after the same board, during the same recruitment process, BBC News asked me to accept a considerably lower salary than my male counterpart. A lot less”

“I’ve been assured our roles and responsibilities are the same. I’ve also been told my appointment was ‘very well deserved’. It’s just that I’m worth £12,000 less. Over the past four months I have asked BBC News to think again. And they’ve inched their offer up by addressing historical ‘under payments’. Now the gap is nearer to £7,000. But for me it has never been about the actual salary. It has been about equal pay.”


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