Fentanyl and heroin vaccine ready for human trials

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Good, but here comes a new breed of synthetic opioids MSN


After my appendix burst they cut me open like fish and stuck me to the ICU. My favorite thing that day was morphine. After that wore off no fun.


A whole lot of anti-vax cops sweating rn


Yes, I can’t imagine being prevented from enjoying the good stuff when you really need it. My morphine + fentanyl experience was four weeks ago today, then hydromorphone, then tramadol, now just acetaminophen.

ETA - I had planned to taper to T3 and I did feel a little out of sorts after ending the Tramadol; a feeling that a little something would have helped. Seeing as I was watching Netflix’s “Painkiller” at the time, I was acutely aware of that tug and ignored it.


This is wonderful to hear, and I’ve got my fingers crossed the trials go well. Too many have fallen down the well of addiction in this nation. Now, let’s make sure this is freely available to addicts, not controlled by a for-profit pharm company that will charge $500 per dose.


Count me amongst the Yikes! crowd. I haven’t had much reason to deal with the heavy stuff but I’ve passed two kidney stones and know there’s at least one more still hiding in there (most of the time a stone in the kidney causes no problems–but if they decide to head south morphine is a godsend.) I would not want opioids to not work for me!!


I may be mistaken, but this doesn’t seem like it would be a broad-populace vaccine, but rather a recovery aid. I don’t see the efficacy of administering this to people who don’t need it while simultaneously reducing the overall effectiveness of opioids in a clinical setting.

God, if we had this 15 years ago…


Exactly. You wouldn’t give this to someone who wasn’t trying to kick an opioid addiction already. Someone who’d tried suboxone and/or ibogaine and/or methadone without any success.

Which isn’t to say there won’t be any issues if it’s approved.


It would be amazing if this were able to be administered early in addiction without any negative side effects. I would imagine that catching someone’s issues before they get to the point of needing maintenance doses would be most effective, but I am not an addiction specialist, so there may be more to it.


That’s awesome. Any hope for an iocaine powder version? I got a bet with this dude: :grin:


There’s still going to be a problem when that recovered addict has a STEMI and goes into the Cath Lab unconscious and needs to have fentanyl to avoid waking up screaming in the middle of the procedure.

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I can actually imagine that administering this vaccine while addicted can have disastrous results–it would be similar to quitting whatever it was cold-turkey

I don’t know about enjoyed more like it took the edge off. Night before the surgery I could hardly sleep morning of I almost vomited from the päin when they forced me to stand up for a shower.

When I woke up I had tube up my nose, another tube going in to my shoulder, oxygen mask and ~15cm cut in my stomach next to my navel.

I spent a week in the ICU and 3 weeks in the hospital. They gave me morphine once.

The idea of not having that sort of painkillers when needed is horrifiying.


Am I incorrect in concluding that a bunch of people are going to be high on heroin frequently during this process?

Like Phase 1 is starting with small doses and then increasing doses until they find the threshold at which it’s effective? That sounds like a lot of people being high early in the process.

But I’m sure it would be a lot more carefully done than I’m making it sound.

So how long before this starts being forced on people because some asshole assumes they’re an addict, or just poor? Prison systems, welfare systems, people in physical pain who get denied care for “drug-seeking behaviour” and if they want their insurance to cover surgery then they’d better get the vaccine because the system (data! ai!) says they’re high risk?

Excited to see a revolutionary new program of actually just housing the homeless made acceptable to the scum in charge by throwing this in as a condition.

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I mean sure it’s a wonderful thing, but it’s a wonderful thing that monsters have already been fantasising about having and abusing for decades.

I hope the people who benefit from it have easy and cheap access to it. I’m just depressed this morning.

Phase 1 is usually just to see it doesn’t kill people rather than to assess it’s effectiveness.

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Shit, you guys got morphine?! When my appendix burst I got tramadol and paracetamol :frowning: It seemed to do the job ok.

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Agreed; not much fun was happening. I just try to reframe uncomfortable medical experiences such that I don’t relive them negatively (too often). Not criticizing; just offering my perspective.

I didn’t mean to mislead. I had a bypass. The full sternum cracker. Not much pain going in but very uncomfortable coming out.