Fentanyl execs found guilty of racketeering, face 20 year prison sentences

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I’m not sanguine that any of these drug dealers will do any time; but I’d love to be proven wrong. I fully expect them all to a get anfluenza diagnoses and be spared jail time. I mean, they are wealthy, and most of them have got “white sounding” names.


Now where did I put my tiny violin…


OK, no.

It’s good that evil pharma execs are suddenly facing more than zero consequences, but that comparison is absolutely deranged in more ways than I can count. For a start, the “war on drugs” is pretty much the worst model of just and effective law enforcement you could come up with. And if you were going to make that comparison, the actual “street-level drug dealers” of the opioid crisis are family doctors; these people walking around on bail while the government thinks about punishing them are the Pablos Escobar of the situation.


Money - it’s even more addictive than Fentanyl.


It’s good to applaud the prosecution of these criminals.

But let’s also remember that oxycodone and fentanyl are useful, effective medications when prescribed and used properly. The vilification of opioids rather than the criminals is causing actual, substantial harm to patients with acute, chronic pain that cannot be managed by other means.


20 prison sentences, each of a year in length, or one sentence of 20 years in length? (Same difference, I know.) BB does it again, for the umpteenth time. “20-year prison sentences.”

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Sure, but bribing doctors to over prescribe this med is NOT it. I think you’re correct about vilifying opioids as they can be useful in some cases, but these drugs are also addictive and hence should likely be used in moderation when other options (especially things like PT and the like) haven’t worked.

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