Leaks reveal how the "Pitbull of PR" helped Purdue Pharma and the Sacklers ignite the opioid crisis

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2019/11/19/oxy-morons.html

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PR firms and conservative think-tanks and victim-blaming: the old tobacco industry playbook pioneered by Edward Bernays, deployed on behalf of yet another bunch of greedy corporate scumbags.


I’m always amazed. Every time we hear about some atrocity, it’s the Sacklers or Google doing awfull things, Jeffery Epstein the sex offender… Not even once are the armies of “little people” behind the actual activities of this garbage mentioned. The lawyers/paralegals/secretaries who draft and execute the payoff agreements; The Google programmers who actually code the awful tools Google managment uses against Google employees.

I guess “I vas only following orders” really does count.


Also in the mix of famous RW assholes keeping a bad situation terrible was America’s cousin-fucking mayor:

Don’t know why this doesn’t come up more often, but then again he hasn’t been in the news lately.


I guess I’m supposed to still associate “Pitbull” with aggressive/attack dog. But instead I’m just imagining

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I also am nonplussed by the complete moral disregard by “little people”, but I also sometimes remember that we live in a system in which those without capital are forced to sell/rent their themselves to acquire said capital. I don’t blame anyone working for a wage who acquiesces to their bosses prerogatives.

In 2019, that bit of moral outrage is rarely supported, certain to inspire unemployment, and to make difficult a future, including the paying off of college bills, and any likelihood of prosperity. Morals = penury in 2019, for the most part.

That still works, though. You’ve got someone who ends up collaborating with a bunch of big names in the industry.


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