Ferguson city manager resigns


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I think you mean “Shaw”?


Police department was complicit in profiling minorities for any excuse to stop them…

Sounds like another department that employed Darren Wilson needs to be disbanded…

Thank you! It’s fixed.

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I saw someone giving the numbers and the sad conclusion is that Ferguson’s racial disparities were in line and often more fair than the state and nation overall. It is not just Ferguson that needs to be scrutinized.


[withdrawn due to misinterpretation]

“Shaw is out only days after claiming that the report on Ferguson’s government and police racism did not reflect the values of Fergusons’s government and police force.”

Saying the report doesn’t reflect the values of the police force is a lot like saying a mirror doesn’t reflect your face. Reflecting the values of the government and police force is exactly what the report does. It’s encouraging that if Shaw couldn’t see that, at least council could (or at least they’re putting on a show of it for now).


Yea I hate to be cynical but I’ll bet Shaw is the fall guy for the entire council, and maybe the cops too.

I’ve wondered for years how people make a living squeezing money out of the poor, but I suppose that’s backwards. They wouldn’t be so poor if they got a fair shake.

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The handy thing about poor people is that it’s very rarely difficult to make up for the low per-unit shakedown by sheer volume, they aren’t terribly scarce.

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And if we make policies this way [directs your attention to PowerPoint presentation] then we’ll ensure an ample supply for years to come!

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Yeah, “The values the people in our departments have displayed don’t represent the values of our departments” isn’t a very convincing statement even though we seem to hear it a lot. It’s like they’re saying that the institutions themselves somehow hold certain values - that few to none of the actual people making up the institutions seem to share…


I do hope people in Ferguson take the first opportunity to fire the Council too.

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When your career hinges on running a municipality without taxes, tax farming is the eventual, feudal, result.

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