Welcome! I hope you’ve taken in our lovely Arboretum. Today my family enjoyed a two-mile promenade through its trails while the weather was close to Seattle-perfect. If not, a final Tram Tour of the summer is scheduled for September 9.

Don’t place too much meaning on Twilight. All the vampires and werewolves are in the Forks area on the coast side of the Olympic Peninsula.


Lots of CSAs for that! We used Full Circle for awhile but if I could do it over again I’d go with Root Connection or Boistfort Valley Farm.


That looks AWESOME!! We are definitely going on the tram tour. Thank you! We will check out the csa tips too. And … you even told us where to find the vampires and werewolves! :slight_smile: I hope I get to return the favor.

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The daikon, cut into rounds, brined, with 4 cloves of garlic and 1T of that fantastic pickling spice blend, plus 2T of brine from the last batch of pickled cukes/onions. They’re already super gassy! Yay!


Is it anything to do with the Tilth restaurant?


I’m unaware of any connection Tilth restaurant has with Seattle Tilth. Tilth restaurant is owned by Maria Hines, who owns other Seattle fine dining establishments. Hines’ Community Work has its own page, which could be useful research for food distribution nonprofit endeavours.

I have been to Tilth restaurant a few times, and the food is fresh and tremendously tasty.


Just tried the daikon…

And they are good and ready-to-go! Such a potent farty smell when I opened the jar. PEE-YEW! But totally worth the stink.


I think I did something wrong. I’m not sure if the batch is ruined but both jars drank up all the brine and expanded to an inch below the tippy top of the rim. The sauerkraut doesn’t smell like something I shouldn’t eat but it also doesn’t smell like my first batch (this should be identical cuz I had to start from scratch).

No growths as far as I can tell but the only thing saving the sauerkraut from air exposure when I got home today is the airlocks. I opened the jars and poured fresh brine in (:laughing: my roommate opened; I couldn’t open the jars). I guess I’ll see what things look and smell like tomorrow.


You’ll be interested in Seattle Public Library’s Food Literacy Month Events probably.

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Ok, what I get for reacting on day two of insomnia. The cabbage didn’t absorb … it floated. Still fine so far as I can tell. >_>


My week-old kombucha ferment has a thin whitecap. Maybe this is the baby. The mother was on its side but is now ‘standing’. I’ve not warmed the house but rather placed the SCOBY above the range hood, the jar wrapped with a dishcloth, next to the airflow duct. One can discern the mother positioned upright. A few days ago the mother was flat on the surface.

It tastes vinegary (expected, I took no chances germ-killing for my first ferment) but okay. Kind of like non-carbonated Original GT Millennium Kombucha. Today I try some ginger and the second wave of fermentation.


lemon and ginger,
two airtight bottles each with lemon and ginger, kombucha tea and a scoby in each
two jars which will be uncapped very, very soon and given ‘breathable’ paper coffee filter lids secured with rubber bands.

Pleased the first time turned out well despite 60F-76F temperature range but in retrospect should not have used a humongous jar. Scoby baby is now carved up like post-Hapsburg Austro-Hungary. Most of it is in jar with pale lid. Mother is in jar with black lid.



Regular cabbage instead of napa. Carrots, daikon, garlic, onion, ginger, fish sauce.


You can keep it though @JemmieDuffs may want some.

I am reminded I should get at making more kraut… and remember to cut up the hot pepper next time.


It’s been about two years since I brewed, and I’ve decided that I really want to start again before the end of the year. I have some hops in my freezer, yeast in my fridge, and grains in the cupboard, so I have the means - I just need motive and opportunity.

As I’m planning this, I’m also plotting various usability improvements, to make my brew day earlier. these include:

  • figure out a better mounting for my corona mill. In past I’ve mounted it to a 2x4, which I then set over the tub to catch the dust. this is unstable & less than ideal.
  • figure out how to attach my wort chiller to my kitchen faucet. I think I can just buy a plastic adapter, but I’m not sure how to measure the threads on my faucet. I kind of suspect it’s 1/2 IPS
  • prep my water in advance. In past I’ve used brita filtered water for my beer, but I think montreal water is probably fine without filtering, but I either need to boil it or let it sit for a while to get the chlorine out

I’ve always been a labor-intensive / as-cheap-as-possible type brewer, but I think I need to start putting more thought into prep and usability. 8 hours for 3 gallons used to be fun


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