Ferret babies follow mommy


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I’m sticking with #5. I draw a line when mommy jumps off a cliff.


I have absolutely no idea what “it” is; but I am confident that “it” got ferreted out with some serious intensity. Few animals live up to their verb like ferrets do.


Dawww! Not ferrets though.

They they look more like stoats but they are all in the weasel family so it is close enough.


These are clearly not ferrets. They’re complete the wrong size and have the wrong colouring.

Possibly they are a pine marten or weasel. Judging by the black tail tips these are probably long tailed weasels.


Yeah, at first I wanted to say stoat but the yellow chest was very marten like but the head was all wrong. Probably long tail weasel.


Mom weasel: If all of your siblings jumped off a cliff would you also? Oh, wait…


Further proof that the cutest animal family is the Mustelidae. I believe they are long-tailed weasels, note the black tip on their tails.

Next lesson from mom, woodpecker riding!


Unless you’re a lemming. Then, not so much.

Weasels are weaselly recognised, whereas stoats are stoatally different.

(Can’t believe I didn’t get ninja’d on that one!)


Stop perpetuating false and harmful stereotypes.


But it’s true, and I have the screenshot to prove it!


If she could speak, it would sound something like “dammit, I said get over here!” This human mom totally empathizes with critter mom.


Wow their banter is easily translatable…


I totally had the same reaction, this is how it went for me: At 0:25 “Would you lot hurry up? There’s a strange creature watching that is way too interested…” Then at 1:03 “I SAID, follow me. All right, you leave me no choice…”


The yoink at the end was priceless.


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