Ferret takes amazing leap


Not cool at all…

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adorable. “i think i can, i think i can… whoa, no, i can’t!”
(then tries to hide behind the radiator in embarrassment)


Yeah, but can he bounce?


Ferret Fail!

Bonus points for correct camera orientation.

Well played.

Bonus points for the glow-bracelet around its waist too. Falling with style!


Makes you wonder what the ferret is high on.

Thank you–that made my day.

I used to have a cat that was over-confident in her jumping abilities. She’d jump for a piece of furniture across the room, and then be puzzled and annoyed when she hit the floor or crashed into her target instead of landing on top of it, and have to do the standard cat “I meant to do that” gestures.

the classic:


Thanks Scrub for being the one voice of sympathy. While watching this video i thought the “animal” shooting the video might actually be human enough to grab the ferret before he jumped and fell. I’ve owned ferrets my entire life. (and used to be a vet tech.) Anywhere from one up to twelve. (because we rescued them) Ferrets seem like indestructible cartoons but they are not. They are near-sighted and don’t understand falling, and lack the skills to land correctly like a cat. Falling from this height onto a HARD floor could break bones, cause paralysis or death. Shame on the owners. someone should throw them off the roof of their house and film it so they can make youtube money. The worst part is people seeing this will think it’s ok to let ferrets get hurt, and more ferrets will end up in the ER or worse.


Why are we showing animal cruelty on Boing Boing? I am very unimpressed with the way the owner laughs hysterically at the ferret as he falls to the ground. It is a well known fact that ferrets hate being laughed at and develop emotional issues as a result. My cousin personally spent years rehabilitating an abused ferret who had been laughed at after he slipped on a banana peel. Another ferret I knew had to be moved to a home as a result of unfortunately choosing stand up comedy as career. Anyone watching this video will think it is ok for ferrets to be laughed at.


if the majority of boing boing users are like trollztheunicorn, and judging by “likes” they are, then i’m done with this site. used to enjoy it but no i really don’t think animal cruelty is funny.

I don’t think animal cruelty is funny either. I wasn’t laughing at animal cruelty.

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