Silly pet ferret gets stuck behind a door, freaks out


That may actually be the least freaked out I’ve ever seen a ferret be. It’s was more like “oi, gimme a hand here! no? fine, i’ll do it myself”


Yeah. I agree. And furthermore, I’m disappointed and very upset that I clicked on this link expecting to see a freaked out ferret, and not seeing one


Ferrets are still illegal in California, because they’re “wild animals”, even though domesticated ferrets mostly couldn’t survive in the wild even if you dumped them into a prairie dog colony.

And your favorite pet store may be selling (gasp!) ferret paraphernalia!


Its okay to own a ferret for personal use and so long as you don’t inhale…


The bit right at the end, where the flailing stops and the ferret just goes still, is definitely the most evocative. “And, perhaps, I had not suffered a fall; but the collapse of the universe into parallel planar surfaces…”

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I have found the name of my next punk band.


If the videographer had pressed the door a little more, there would also be some hilariously squeeky audio to laugh at.

Gotta love those little critters, they’re always so cute when people are cruel to them, aren’t they.

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