Compilation video of annoyed animals giving warning nips to people


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Glad to see geese properly represented. Needs more swan, though.


Some of these seem to have skipped the ‘warning’ part.

Also, I really couldn’t smile at 0:19. Poor kid.


Parrots are no joke.

And any parent or guardian who lets their kid stick it’s fingers in a raccoon cage should be forced into a parenting class or AA or both.


I got nipped by a “Boss Ferret” just the other day, it was wicked nasty too.


I do not get along with those beasts. Just about any other animal on the planet, but ferrets, nope.


“Boss Ferrets” are the worst, no argument here.


So it begins. You thought Animal Farm was a parable? Now humans shall perish for your hubris



Some of them are pure aggression. The kind that’s normal and proper from wild animals. Most of the truly domestic animals (dogs here) are giving clear warning signs.

Also, it’s a terrible idea to get up in the face of any animal that you don’t already intimately know. Personal space bro. They’re not inanimate objects, they’re critters just like us.


The zebra was straight up car shopping though.

Not quite sure why the frog eating a fly is included, kind of out of context.


Yeah, that zebra seemed pissed the girl teased it with something smelly, so it took it’s pound of flesh on the side.


People seem to forget that birds are dinosaurs. Geese, for example, are directly evolved from assholosaurus.


I learned from a macaw that when you hold out your arm for a large parrot to step onto, you should make a fist instead of leaving your fingers extended. Crunch!


Yeah, those combo nut-cracking + shearing beaks are a swiss army knife of pain.


The guy I got my conures from had a huge Macaw, well behind his counter.

It wasn’t overly aggressive but It didn’t like children at all, I was a bird novice and speculated “I’ll bet it can draw blood pretty easily.” He said “Something like that.” and handed the bird a Brazil nut as thick as my thumb and the bird just bit it in half and went to work on it.


Crunch indeed.


…and forced to take the rabies shots too.

That and: zebras are nasty, evil-tempered creatures. Just stay away.


Learning that swans are inherently mean as fuck was a surprising lesson for me, having always just seen them as elegant cartoon birds. Those things will attack you for no reason.


They have their reasons…