Cop vs. goose (spoiler: goose wins)


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technically, that’s a swan, but since that movie is so awesome, it should be allowed.


A swan is just a goose with a better stylist.


To hell with radical extremists. To hell with bears. The real terrorists we should be worried about? Geese.


Do not fuck with geese, they are assholes of the highest order and are not afraid of you.
I am guessing there are babies nearby.


[pedant] Canada goose, not Canadian goose [/pedant]


Newspaper Man appears to be a worthy challenger.

So what’s the underlying reason for the aggression? Are people passing too close to nesting sites?


I will say, I think most people run from geese because they simply do not want to hurt the animal. I am not saying being attacked by a goose is child’s play; but it isn’t a moose or bear. The average adult should be able to handle a distressed foul.


Not even, Canada Goose are extremely territorial, they will just pick out an area and defend it against anyone entering, which gets annoying if it happens to be a parking lot or an entrance to a building, and Canada Geese do not give a shit. They will attack humans, dogs or even a Gorilla at a zoo if it feels like it’s arbitrary property is being violated.

EDIT: in case you think the last bit was a joke


Thus speaks one who has not been attacked by a goose. Also, fowl, not foul.


Hey! That’s my hometown zoo!
My brother worked there as an assistant zookeeper for a few years.

Coincidentally, the year-round Canada geese population has been on the rise in Wichita over the last decade. Not sure why. I’m thinking it’s been due to the mild winters and abundance of food.


My Canadian friends disavow Canada Geese and insist that there’s no good reason they’re named that.


Geese have powerful wings. Their beaks aren’t as powerful as some other birds, since they’re mainly herbivores with the occasional small fish, but they’re still perfectly capable of delivering a painful bite. Plus they can fly, right for your head. I think most people are just surprised and don’t know what to do; I doubt the well-being of the geese is foremost in their minds.


Both words are apt in this case.


nice assumption that I haven’t experienced that, also thanks for being a grammar jackwagon. My sincerest apologies that auto-correct stepped in


They feed they Lion
and he comes.


See? Obama’s war on cops!


I came to pedant as pedantically as you have already pedanted, so I will not be further pedantulous. Thank you for your support.


Sorry, it’s a CANADA goose, not a Canadian goose.