Cop vs. goose (spoiler: goose wins)


Ooops, so did I, but I was too pedantically quick out of the gate…


Ducks: 1
Cars: 0


They checked its papers, and this Canada goose is from Ottawa. So I’m going to allow it. :wink:



Holy crap. The grammar police are in my bb disallowing our terse responses?


A fancy asshole?


Well, some say the pedantulum swings both ways.


Look out behind you, Hot Fuzz dudes! It’s an ALT-RIGHT SWAN ASSHOLE!


Yup. My old apartment I lived from '05 to '07, the geese basically would wander through the streets like they owned the place, completely not worried about the cars coming through. I am talking flocks of dozens of geese.

Except that about once every 4-6 weeks what I imagine to be some person in an SUV was having a bad day and said to themselves, “Not today, geese…” And then they’d run one over.

Then they’d move out of the way for cars. For a few weeks anyways, until they got overconfident again.


Yeah, I work at a marina and this is about as close as I want to get to the bastards. You’ll see them chase runners down the sidewalk. It is funny, though, when they get their heads going like angry sockpuppets.


Holy shit, did anyone else notice the baby ducks getting blown over by the wind from passing cars?!

That was like Final Destination without the splat!


They seem to keep well away from my Golden Retriever. A golf course near work uses a pair of Goldens to chase them away, too.


Trump is gonna try and negotiate NAFTA with one of those? Canada geese don’t “negotiate.” Mostly, they unerringly bite you in the dick. Seriously. In the dick.

They are wicked negotiators.


Dang, beat me to it. Had it drilled into my head from childhood: “How do you know that goose is a resident of Canada?” :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve seen one attack a doberman and win.


Watch out - pedantstrian crossing.


Publicist. lol


That was terrifying.

When I was in Florida a couple weeks ago, I stopped to let a family of geese cross the road. Fortunately it was a much smaller road than this (and the cars next to and behind me also stopped)


Even when you know the ducks will reach safety, it’s still tough to watch.


Geese are pretty fierce (even when they are swans) , but I had a bunch of them wiped out by coyotes last year.


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