A goose stuck in a decades-long love triangle has tragic ending


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Tragic end? I should be so lucky.


I don’t think birds work that way.


Oh, pray tell just what way do birds work?


they work really well roasted in an oven!


These aren’t Canada geese, but from my experience the way geese work is that they crowd into an area, shit all over everything, and block the street figuring you’re not brave enough to run over them. When challenged, they will hiss and lunge at you, so make sure you’ve got a stick on hand–they are bigger than they first appear.


Yeah I was going to say… someone buy someone a dictionary. Wild animal lived long life and got to die being taken cared of indoors vs being killed by sickness or a fox or a cat.


Still a better love story than ‘Twilight’…


If your cat is killing geese and swans, you probably shouldn’t return to your house.


Healthy ones, yes. Sick blind ones are more likely to be picked off.


Yeah, seriously. If nothing else, he’s the equivalent of a 110-year-old person, in terms of longevity.


It sounds better than just “has ending”


Nothing wrong with gander fluidity.

#NeedsMoreLikes (formerly known as "All the Likes")

A lovely story, I disagree with your title for it though.


When I was small, there was a Gander who ‘adopted’ a duck family 3 years in a row. If it was the same female duck I don’t know. I do know he habitually raised 11 of the 12 ducklings, 2 nests a year. As opposed to the way ducks do it on their own, which is losing 9 of the 12 in the first 2 days. The gander chased them on land every evening and watched them like a hawk all night long. As soon as one strayed a bit it was brought back. The male ducks were tolerated, but not too close. (Male ducks are gone pretty fast anyway I think)


Is there something about Wellington that causes birds to feel comfortable pursuing non-traditional relationships?


This is a domestic goose, bred up by human beings over the millennia for food (meat and eggs) and feathers. They’re also good guard animals (and so presumably were bred by humans to retain their aggressiveness):

And Canada geese numbers have become a problem due to human modification of the landscape:


This is exactly the kind of post there hasn’t been enough of ever since fucking Trump ran for office.

More wonderful things, less miserable shit, plz.


Indeed, they do make this fatal error (evil laughter).


It’s the new high speed connection between the White House Office of Miserable Shit and the standing Congressional Committee on No Ways and He Was Mean’s that is to blame.