Birds are jerks compilation


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The eagle taking the fish off the boat was just awesome. Stupid humans left the fish out in the open again yay easy hunting day.


USA! USA! :wink:



the kid screaming in primal fear of the velociraptors is pretty funny


(You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to use this GIF.)


Some of these just made me want answers: like the bird that flew off with the camera, how’d the person get the camera back?

Also: Giving your kid a bag of breadcrumbs and plopping them down into a large group of pigeons looks like the best way to spend your day.


My favorite bird video:


These birds are all certainly jerks, but not one is a fuckin’ legend.


Only watched a minute or two… My take away is largely no humans are jerks (except for Canadian geese… fuck those things, the second time I pulled it off my dog I would have held it’s head underwater for a good ten minutes).



Anyone that has been spurred by a rooster for no good reason would agree.
Further, if you live around gulls, screens would seem to be a good idea.


Those people putting a barred owl and a cockatoo in the same space are terrible, terrible people. In general the people with parrots mostly earned my sympathy for the birds.

Geese and gulls, though, total jerks. Roosters and male turkeys, also jerks.

The chip thief gull I somehow admire:


Disappointed there was no Yakkety Sax soundtrack to it…


If you see a cassowary in a pub or a bar, don’t make eye contact and slowly make a discrete exit.


Raptors didn’t have it all their way though. You don’t fuck with a polar bear. Not even a kiddie.


Aw come on, they’re not always jerks!


I love this video about a sledding crow



I was actually trying to find a gif of that one. :grinning:


Even more jerky than you thought