Coco the cat lands a death-defying leap off a utility pole (video)

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Not a leap that would be death-defying for a cat, really. May have been best to just leave the cat alone and let it make its own way down once it felt less insecure about what sent it up there to start with.

As every fire brigade called out to ‘rescue’ a ‘stuck’ cat from a tree always says: when did you last see a cat skeleton in a tree?

Leaving it alone might have led to it climbing down or at least getting enough purchase lower down that a leap would have been from a lower height.


And… she LANDED on a Dildo! (???)

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At night, the owls come and get them.



My dad once called the fire department to rescue our cat. One of the responders asked him, “Have you ever seen a cat skeleton in a tree?”

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Beat me to it.


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Wow, this reminds me of a fave episode of The Powerpuff Girls, called “Catastrophe,” when a monster looking for a particular cat has a scary way of rejecting the others (at 3:33)…

…until a single cat demonstrates how felines stick the landing from very high places!


Should have left it, cats can survive up to the 5th or 6th floor, I am sure i saw some old research some where, prob on here, talking about cat survival, and i had to be above the 2nd floor, for them to have time to flip in the air, as for some reason they where looking at dropping cats on their back, and how they landed on their feet and flipped in mid air, and what the optimal time for that was.

touched on in this wiki article, but i am not sure now where i 1st saw the information.

“death-defying? lets talk bout death-defying, will be my pleasure…” sad the cat after jumping out the fifth floor of a burning building in chicago;

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probably a long time ago in a book or magazine? cause I knew that already as a kid in the late 70s. and from first-hand-experience after our cat accidentally rolled off the window-ledge from our fourth-floor-flat and landed unharmed on sidewalk-concrete. saw the rolling off myself by pure coincidence.

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I remember seeing something that was talking about the research, trying to get people to be outraged that researchers had dropped cats upside down from heights, which is why i remember it, as it talked about the researcher but no idea where now, But yep i was born in 80 so could have been a long time ago in internet time…

That would have been around 2000, somewhere on a hike outside the town of St Sauveur. Funny thing. I climbed up and kept the skull. Had it for a few years till one of my cats ate it early one morning.

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