Fess up: how long since you studied the U.S. Constitution


Two polls here, inspired by Khizr Khan, who raised his pocket Constitution at the DNC and questioned whether Trump had ever read the document.

The last time I studied it was longer ago than I care to say (high school). I glance at the Bill of Rights from time to time on Wikipedia.

The ACLU is offering a free pocket Constitution from now until the election (November 8). Use coupon code POCKETRIGHTS. You can pick Standard Shipping for the zero-cost option, or choose to pay shipping and handling to help defray costs. https://shop.aclu.org/product/ACLU-Pocket-Constitution-of-the-United-States?a=twtconstkhikha

Poll 1: How recently have you read the entire U.S. Constitution?

  • In the last year
  • In the last five years
  • In the last ten years
  • In the last fifty years
  • I wrote the damn thing
  • I really should read it some time
  • Not a USian, not my problem
  • What is this “constitution”?

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Poll 2: How recently have you spent at least an hour studying it seriously?

  • In the last year
  • In the last five years
  • In the last ten years
  • In the last fifty years
  • I wrote the damn thing, now you want me to study it?
  • I really should read it some time
  • Not a USian, not my problem
  • What is this “constitution”?

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I saw it when I was in DC a few years ago…

I look bits up on Wikipedia occasionally.

Actually study it? As recently as I’ve studied the UK constitution.


Thanks, but I’ve already got a copy.


Took a community college Political Science class in 2015, and darn if I didn’t learn a lot. I remembered diddly-squat from high school. What I did remember was the preamble song from Schoolhouse Rock:


This surprises me, I was under the impression that the US values the constitution to such a degree that there’s of course a governmental and free-of-cost offer to order a printed copy.


I have read bits over the years but not in full or studied since like grade school.


I was reading part of it over breakfast.

Serious answer: 7th grade.


Actually, I read the Annotated Constitution quite a bit. I like to follow the supreme court beat–ScotusBlog, Jeffrey Toobin, Dahlia Lithwick, and so on.


“Cheated” a little at this by once being enrolled in a series of US paralegal studies courses not that long ago. We didn’t have to study Con. Law with the same depth as lawyers but it was relevant for a variety of case studies that basically had me reread a bunch of it over and over. Though I admit the paucity of cases involving the Third Amendment basically means I’ve only really read that section a few times recently.

Funnily enough, when I turned eighteen and could vote, I felt an immense sense of responsibility to learn everything I could. So I bought myself a pocket copy and literally carried it around for about a year. I mainly read it when bored on MARTA. At the time I was Muslim and considered myself relatively devout. I can honestly say I carried both a pocket constitution and a pocket Qur’an at the same time.


I still have my pocket copy that I got in high school. Easier to just look online these days, but it seems like there’s a reason to go look at portions of it at least once a month. Normally, those opportunities are triggered by dingleberries trotting into this joint with bizarre claims of what rights are enumerated, or odd notions of what’s relegated to the States.


All I remember is george says that every home should have a vacuum cleaner.


To the two people who were apparently in the room when the Constitution was authored, would it be fair to describe your legal philosophy as Originalist? Or have you moved on in your thinking?


And pot in every chicken.


Well a hamster in every ice box.


I read it on the terlet at some point in the last year, outta sheer cussedness. Hopefully didn’t cause hemorrhoids.

I did skip most of the amendments.


You are Donald Trump, AICMFP.


I’ve heard some people say Pres. Obama keeps one near his toilet too, although for a different reason.


I have a pocket constitution. I have had it for many years. I will refer to it from time to time, but I don’t exactly “study” it.


“And I Can’t Move for Penises?”

I did read the Bill o’ Rights, and #14, #15, #19… I confess my eyes glazed over for #17 and #20.


I bet you didn’t even care about the 21st one!