"Fiber to the press release"



Karl Bode used “fiber to the press release” or FTTPR as it is known on dslreports.com as early as 2008.


The cool part is, if you omit any mention of scale, there’s no limit to how many times you can make the same announcement. I worked for Bell Atlantic back in the 80s, and digital subscriber loop was big hubba hubba even back then.


(Context for the joke) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber_to_the_x

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they first promised me fiber optics to my house , direct , when deregulation happened in the 1980s ~
then they promised me in 2004 , 2009 , and so on !!
and now , they can replace my copper when they pry it out of the hot as hell smelter down at the recycle place !!
good fortune to all !! and , please be carefull of the unicorns in the backyard !! those horns can gore and kill , and it is sorta mating season !!

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