Fiction: The Boy Who Made Flowers

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We are proud to present S.B. Divya’s “The Boy Who Made Flowers” from Issue 4 of Mothership Zeta. Mothership Zeta is an Escape Arts ezine focused on fun science fiction, fantasy, and horror. We hope this story about a young boy who must deal with a troublesome, unhelpful superpower will make your heart go boing(boing).


Inspired by “The boy who grew flowers”?

That was sweet.


Not inspired by it, nor was I aware of it, but now that I am, I’ll buy a copy because the cosmic coincidence is too fun!

This story was inspired by my frustration with a society that encourages girls to be more “boyish” but punishes boys for being “girlish” … and by my neighbor from whose home I can often hear the strains of beginner violinists.


S.B. Divya is a lover of science, math, fiction, and the Oxford comma.

:smiley: I enjoyed the story too. :slight_smile: But commented for the bio.


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