Charlie Kirk wins Meidas Touch's "Weirdo of the Week" for smearing champion gymnast Simone Biles

Originally published at: Charlie Kirk wins Meidas Touch's "Weirdo of the Week" for smearing champion gymnast Simone Biles | Boing Boing


Any nominations for words better than “weirdo”?

I’ll start.

Ignorant waste of oxygen
Stain on humanity


Look at me! I got an American flag on my gimmie hat cause I’m an American and you are not.


“Gave a gift to the Russians” says a man who voted for Putin’s favorite lapdog.


“Weirdo of the week”? I’m a weirdo, you’re a weirdo, he’s an asshole.


Yeah, we weirdos that cosplays the Mad Hatter don’t want to be mixed with those kind of POS!



weak people like Simone Biles

Imagine saying that phrase with a straight face!


Pretty sure his photo is next to “douchecanoe” in the dictionary


I know right? Like I heard she performed with a broken toe in a previous event. Knowing how that stuff hurts like hell from tearing a ligament in my ankle when I was a kid, anything like that no matter what you’re doing hurts. And she still did it. So, I say if she’s dealing with some stuff, it’s best for her to just take a break. Seriously, I don’t get why folks whine about athletes who need time off from their sport. That stuff tears your up both physically and mentally.


I see your Charlie Kirk and raise you Piers Morgan.


Like so many have already stated, he’s not ‘a weirdo’; he’s a just a dickwad.


Charlie Kirk was born in the 90s, only four years before Simone Biles, but apparently considers himself part of a much older generation. Hate really does age a person, doesn’t it.

Somewhere in here it might also be mentioned Biles is a woman of color. I mean, obviously, but I don’t think it’s irrelevant at all to how these people respond to her.


Absolutely; if it had been a White gymnast, there’d have been way less opinionated people talking out of their asses.

But it’s a Black woman who’s the best of the best; so how dare she refuse to endanger her health and safety for “American glory?”



It’s a wonderful and particularly vacuous rant, especially when he says she should “step aside” because there are “thousands” of gymnasts waiting for the chance.

Which is what she did, allowing another gymnast to have a chance and win a silver. And she was thrilled, and she was happy Simone was there to cheer her on.

But Charlie won’t mention that part. Doesn’t work with the story he’s weaving, that her withdrawal wasn’t filled and left a hole in the team.

He’ll play the aggrieved right-wing toad, spewing hate and making up a story about how this generation (his own) is weak. Meanwhile, he’s never done anything of any note at any time. He’s won nothing. He’s sacrificed nothing. He’s given the country nothing. Charlie, is in fact, the weak one. He just can’t stand seeing someone else who is strong enough to admit they need to step back. Strong enough to let someone else take the spotlight.

Let’s never talk about Charlie again. He has nothing to offer America.


“weak people like Simone Biles”
black people like Simone Biles”

Ran it through the ConservaSpeak translator.


I was watching the bmx event the other night. Bmx? Really? A few of the riders would start their routine and then just stop. All the announcer would say is “she’s just not feeling it”. At one point the rider was doing her last routine, it was the difference between gold and silver. She just stopped. She would have won silver even if she screwed up.

My point? No one is making it national news when other athletes bow out for reasons us non athletes or non Olympic competitors understand.

Kind of makes the motives more apparent in the case of criticizing Simone.


Worth mentioning (but not yet mentioned): Ms. Biles’ moves? The ones other gymnasts don’t even try? Do you know why you don’t even see them trying them?

Because a tiny slip, a fraction of a second off, can kill you. When Ms. Biles said she was skipping an event because of her “mental health” what she was telling us that she wasn’t confident that she had that degree of confidence – that she could complete the routine without killing herself.

Baseball, football, soccer, basketball – yes, there is some risk in each of them where accidents happen. Even minor injuries are relatively rare. But split second timing between life and death every time you perform? Every time. All for other peoples’ amusement? And yet the (suprise! male) athletes in those sports get more respect than the (oh, yeah – female) gymnasts.

Talk about privilege, Mr. Kirk. Your face on the poster.


I’m trying to imagine a batter swinging at a 160km/hr fastball, knowing that anything less than a home run, even in practice, could be life-altering or fatal. How many would continue in their sport?


Take the test. It’s harder than expected.