Owner of "Relentless Gay" yard raising money to make yard MOAR GHEY

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When is it rainbows became gay? Everyone likes rainbows.

Demetri Martin:
"I’m in a weird position, because I like rainbows, but I’m not gay. So
whenever I go out wearing a rainbow shirt, I have to put “Not gay.” But
I’m not against gays, so under that I’ll have to put “… but
supportive.” It’s weird how one group of people took refracted light.
That’s very greedy, gays. "


Oh, their god (A concerned homeowner’s that is).

Talk about an inflated and undeserved and frankly disgusting sense of entitlement.

Being gay, or appearing gay is not illegal, the cops can’t (legally) do anything. Also, what the fuck does “this is a christian neighborhood” even mean? I’m pretty sure the houses and yards and streets don’t practice any religion.

Did she mean, this neighborhood’s residents are part of the unjustifiably respected and privileged national christian hegemony everyone must live under? Because that would actually be accurate.

The US isn’t a christian nation, any more than the vatican is dedicated to public health, or Saudi Arabia is a country that respects and values women. The United States has a christian culture.

Finally, what the fuck do children being there have anything to do with anything. If the “so incredibly concerned home owner” took half a minute to read the psychology, pediatric and sociological literature, they’d know that gay parent families raise children just as well as straight parent families, and there’s even some (not very solid but still interesting) evidence that lesbian couples are actually better at raising kids than straight couples.

Ugh, I’m getting all salty and crap. I’ll have to go get some emergency kittens.


Unimpressive. You’d think that a Concerned Home Owner, from a respectable Christian area, would recognize the symbol (chosen by god himself for the purpose) of the Noahic Covenant(Gen:12-17). That’s a damned theological softball.


How can we be sure that this is not a random fund raising effort hopping on the “Let’s support someone we don’t know who has been insulted by our enemies.” bandwagon? Everyone needs more money.


Still useful. It sends the message to homophobic bigots that if they spend their time attempting to anonymously intimidate people they think are sinful, all it’ll do is make them look like thin-skinned shit-monkies who are so neurotic they can’t stand leaving people who have nothing to do with them alone.

It sends the message that this kind of “Super-duper, not at all trying to threaten anyone, very concerned home owner” is on the wrong side of history. And typically on the wrong side of human decency as well.


Someone please get John Waters involved with this.


That’s not the “occam’s razor” explanation, but it does look like a great idea! If I realised I could get $12,000 for gheying up my front lawn I’d be there in a flash …


Damn, ya beat me to it.

Absolutely! That’s the exact same strategy that worked for Memories Pizza, to the tune of $842,000.


The note does look to me like a joke, though. For one thing it isn’t written in green ink, and for another the signature could be capitalised
A Concerned HOMe Owner

I’d object to the jars because (a) light pollution and (b) tasteless, but I’m just grouchy (and I like to see the stars clearly at night).


It was either that or “Who does that asshole think he is? His brother’s keeper or something?”.


My bet too. “Relentlessly gay” is an unusual turn of phrase for someone so silly as to think they could call the police about it. Of course it’s better just to assume it was genuine bigot so we can keep on with our entrenchin’!

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I have cousins who sound like the note in real life. Not everyone gets properly socialized.

The note looks absolutely plausible to me, because I personally know people who would get upset enough to call the cops if their next door neighbor flew a rainbow flag. Of course these same people don’t see anything potentially offensive about flying 4 foot stars and bars off a standard on thier pickup trucks.


“Concerned Homeowner” is the new “Anonymous Coward.”


Anonymous Coward beat Concerned Homeowner by a nose in the 3:30 at Churchill Downs.


Someone is in need of a visit from the unicorn man.

As you can see, he is slightly irritated by your hostile attitude but he will do his best to convince you of the many benefits of relentless gayness.


Instead of funding arbitrary, possibly phony, projects like this maybe what we should all do is start a foundation that would fund these projects after independently evaluating them for impact.

moarghey.org and needsmoarghey.org are both available. Just sayin’.


“This is a Christian area…”

When ever I hear someone say something like that, whether it is some neighborhood busybody, or a neo-fascist fool like Ronald Reagan and his “We believe in God” statement, I can never decide whether to shake my head in sad disbelief or to laugh out loud when I hear such presumptuous words from the upright, uptight crowd.

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Someone has decorated their yard the way they want to without regard for what the neighbors might think. Daniel Pinkwater warned us about this!