'No Gays Allowed' in this East Tennessee hardware store


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My chance of finding myself in East Tennessee is extremely remote (it would probably involve an accident with an experimental teleportation machine), but are these people aware that they profess a religion founded by someone who was accused of consorting with tax collectors and prostitutes?

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees! You strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.


Yeah, all those places in Grainger County, East Tennessee that put signs on their windows saying “NO CHRISTIANS ALLOWED” are really crossing the line…


With all due respect, it’s not just a sign for “the gays” to not patronize his store. It’s a sign for all decent human beings to not patronize his store. I am straight and I am sick to high hell of jerks like this.

Home Depot is pro rights. There is one choice.
Amazon is also pro rights. There is a second.

One of the most American things to do is to refuse to give money to people you don’t like. The guy sells HARDWARE. There is plenty of choice.


Great. Where do you get your wing nuts and tin foil now?


“I don’t hate people,” Amyx said. “It’s not the people I hate, it’s the sin that I hate.”

Then why does the sign explicitly ban the people instead of the sin? A “NO SODOMY ALLOWED” sign also would have been a little tactless but at least it would have been ideologically consistent.


Yeah, when I saw that line, all I could think was BULLSHIT.


The people in Tennessee don’t follow that Jesus, they follow American Jesus!!


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who would violate our rights of freedom of speech & freedom of religion.

This rationalization I keep hearing is fascinating - that how anybody else is supposedly hinders them from practising their religion.


I always wonder what would happen if this guy’s store caught on fire of got held up. Would he refuse to let gay responders in to help?


I’ll bring the gasoline and matches if you want to find out.


“Hello, I need to fix my bathroom. My tub is an odd color. Do you sell black caulk?”


So he’s going to turn away any customer who would take away his “rights of freedom of speech and freedom of religion”.

That’s not a particularly bold claim. As his sign demonstrates he hasn’t lost either.


This is like the Orthodox Jews that try to keep non-Orthodox women out of their areas because if they don’t then, kayn anoreh, they might accidentally see them. And that would be awful…
Which is why Jesus made that remark about it being what came out of somebody, not what went in, that defiles them.


Does he ask all his customers their sexual orientation at the door?


“I can get white caulk pretty much anywhere, but I heard you specialized in black caulk. The thick kind. Really need to get my hands on some thick black caulk.”

“…Oh well. Do you carry bung lube?”


Yes I stole that from Wanda Sykes.


I honestly haven’t heard that routine, but thought it was a great line.


I can’t say violence is any useful approach here, though I sure hope their supply chain is as reliably and openly homophobic as these proprietors are willing to be.

Shame when people mistake taking a stand against something as taking a stand for something else.


Most of these people would flip their shit at a store with a “no guns allowed” sign.

“But that’s infringing mah raights!”

You know, because the 2nd Amendment trumps private property rights, but civil rights do not.