Fidget Cube available directly from its inventor


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I like my fidget cube. Kinda disappointing (but not surprising) that clones are available even before they’ve finished getting all the kickstarter rewards out.


Feels a little wrong for you to be advertising a complete knock-off of some else’s product…



Completely agree. I can deal with boingboing’s sponsored posts and Amazon referral links because I understand that running a site costs money, but this is a huge jerk move.

I hope the post is taken down.


Odd, how this particular price applies exclusively to the white-and-blue version while the other colors can cost three times as much.

I suppose the free shipping applies to the US only?


These clones are supposed to be of somewhat dubious quality. I’ve got one coming on the literal slow-boat from China. If my eldest finds it helpful I’ll get a quality one.


It’s like taking about The Pirate Bay!


Where are we taking it?


We’re taking it back!

Or perhaps we are taking it out to a quiet candle-lit dinner with friends where we will be talking about it.


Bold … the chinese reseller even uses pictures from the Kickstarter to advertise its product.


Having finally received my real fidget cube from Antsy, I would buy a knock-off in a hearbeat. Completely disappointed and underwhelmed with it. Absolutely nothing about the real one is satisfying except, maybe, the clickable roller. The $20 I spent would have been much better spent on a knock-off and a burrito.


Now THAT I don’t like…


Does it make noise? Even a little bit?


I’ve heard (I don’t have any idea of my source’s source) that these early exact “clones”, which are beating the real product to market, are early production runs of the Fidget Cube that were rejected back to the factory for not being up to Antsy’s standards.


Regardless of the quality of the original, blatantly advertising knock off clones from China is not cool.


Give it some time – I was a little disappointed with mine at first but it mostly improved over time.

The roller is my least favorite bit; the lack of texture on it and the spring pushing it outwards prevent it from rolling smoothly.


It’s like medicine you take when you’re not sick.

Maybe you guys should just lay off the energy drinks.


Even more disgusting is Boingboing selling them in their own store. But they aren’t selling the super cheap one listed in this story, they are selling the more expensive one called Stress Blocks


I have an actual FidgetCube and someone bought me a knock off for Christmas. The original is much much nicer.