Clickeybits: fidget toy made with clicky keyboard keys


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Oh that won’t get you beaten in a meeting after about 2 minutes.


My office chair make the same sound, and it’s free.


aka: How to drive people around you insane. As much as i would enjoy fidgeting with it i know i would mess with it non-stop and i like my job very much.


next step: turn it into a bluetooth chording keyboard :grin:


I’m not against this kickstarter and I’m not saying they copied me at all.

What I will say is that I already have two versions of this item for sale on my Etsy shop - and my business website -

Both these items are available now. I have the cube and I also have a dodecahedron (12 sided polygon).


There’s been a good number. I see them documented online at game/dev jams where devs come up with quick silly games. Pretty sure i’ve seen one where the controller was fruit connected to some type of sensor. Other games where the display was an LED strip of lights.


Ooh. That… would be addictive.



…an orgasmic deluge of clicks

Somebody here is easily amused!



Seems to me it could serve as a substitute D6 if the buttons were numbered accordingly.


If used as a d6, wouldn’t it be more probable for it to land on an “edge” than a “face?”


How about a kickstarter to ban ukulele music from kickstarter pitches?


:frowning: that is me…


I’ve added a link to the top of the post!


Thanks for the link! That’s awesome. :slight_smile:


I think i like the kickstarter ones a bit better, i like how the 3D printed body fills out the space under the keys. However that’s not to say your storefront or products merit any less attention :slight_smile: I particularly like the fidget I/O switch keychain.


I see them as complimentary jimmy jams. The Novelkeys looks like something truly customizable for folks who are really specific whereas the CLICKEYbits is aimed at being a fidget toy with an added bonus of testing keys. I think they both have their niche in slightly different folks.


Just thinking of the chording that would be required to make this work makes my head hurt.