Fight The Power

Otherwise known as: “The protesters survival guide to the coming Trumpocalypse.”

This thread is as much a resource as a game. Think of it as game… to survive and disrupt the response of the militarized police, the security apparatus, and the surveillance state to civil disobedience.

By promoting knowledge sharing and preparedness we can counteract and make ineffectual the means through which protests will be/are dispersed, citizens are observed, and movements are disrupted.

Use this thread as a centralized location to discuss, advise, and collect knowledge on means of avoiding surveillance, setting up a B.O.B. (Bug out Bag) for protesting, facing “non-lethal” weapons, and general advice on organizing and civil disobedience under the reign of Trump. Have at thee.


Despite the fact that chemical weapons are banned from use during war, there are little to no restrictions on their use by police. If any of us plan on protesting during the next 4 years we will likely be confronted by police using chemical weapons, does anyone on the BBs have experience with tear gas, mace, pepper spray, etc. or advice on counteracting them?


It’s a worn phrase among the hip, but inner peace fosters world peace-- not the other way around. Inner peace isn’t a sense of calm but rather openness. Taoism and Zen call it ‘the empty mind’. Whatever. Semantics. Point is, it will make you stronger. Somewhere I recall this strength being described as a ball of feathers with a core of iron. I like that.


I have Congressman Tim Ryan’s A Mindful Nation book on loan from the library. Ryan connects the dots between the simple practice of meditation and core American values like self-reliance and determination.


I keep this article bookmarked. It’s worth a read.

I saw Rules for Radicals (Saul Alinsky) mentioned recently. (Conor Freidersdorf was asking about similar things as this topic.)

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Based on what I see here the general advice is that you need a purpose built half or full face respirator to really have any success against tear gas. However if you aren’t willing to pop for a respirator that costs $100-$200 this Professor recommends a form of disposable respirator, the N100.

For protection against tear gas, Professor Ignatius Yu, editor for the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, recommends wearing a tight-fitting respirator with an appropriate filter, such as a full-face mask with activated charcoal filters that absorb organic matter in tear gas.
“Tear gas comes in particles as well as gaseous forms, so you need protection from both. The usual type of particle filter [mask] will not be able to protect you,” he says.

He suggests another mask, N100, which has a nearly 100 per cent efficiency in filtering airborne particles, and an ability to block smaller particles than the N95.

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