"Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth" set to be the first next-gen game on two discs

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What’s a “disc”? Is that the thing grandpa used with his Apple computer?

Anyways, PS5 discs are rated at 100GB each. Given that games have been north of 70GB for quite a while now, this is not a surprise. It’s more about the politics of asking the player to juggle discs than the actual amount of data.

Really, large game size just means less repeated textures and sounds, and more unique characters, objects, and levels.

It’s the thing that will still be playable in twenty years time, if you look after them.


If I can find my PS1, I might replay the original. I liked it a lot but never finished it.


I’m really looking forward to it.


It’s been ported to everything except maybe toasters. I have it installed on my Switch.

/finished it on PC when it came out there

Excuse Me What GIF by Nickelodeon

Do you mean the thing that means you can actually own the media you buy, instead of just renting it until a particular media company decides to yank it from your cloud?

Seriously… I still own playable CDs I got in HS… :woman_shrugging: That’s been several decades now.


Mm forget it, they dead of maguro exposure cancer. Also, they don’t look good or travelled in the conventional sense; I guess they could be savagely into sunblock and potions. What’re they trying to do, warn people off their Hawaiian HQ?
100GB for one side of a disc?! Or it’s a BD-4 layer? Fancy!

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it’s especially notable maybe because even the first disk is really disk 2. and the second disk won’t be the end of the game.

given how much content are in games already, it really does sound extreme. maybe hours of prerendered movies?

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FF7 was a game where I watched the cutscenes and thought, “Someday in the future games are going to look this good while you’re playing them!”
Why Final Fantasy Is Trying So Hard To Make Characters' Hair Realistic ...
I think we made it!


it’s surprising he needed a sword with that chin

4K support is probably a lot of it. NBA2K23 is something like 150 GB on PS5, and I don’t think that’s heavy on the cutscenes.

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The original has, not the remake which is still only on PlayStation and PC. Rebirth is Part II and will presumably remain on PlayStation only for a year or two as with Part I.

The fact that in 2023 you immediately talk down to people you’ve never met shows your complete lack of manners.

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You seem nice.

Of course with a networked license the game developer can change the terms whenever they want, even if you don’t break the terms of use.

I’ll keep playing Command and Conquer on my airgapped PC for as long as I like.

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I still occasionally play a copy of Pharaoh I bought about 20 years ago.

Weird how it takes less and less time to install on each new machine. Maybe its wearing out?


It’s next-gen. “Current gen” (a confusingly vague term) also includes PS4 and XB1 which you may have noticed still receive the vast majority of games and are therefore still “current”. Next-gen specifically refers to the newer consoles because as you pointed out, it’ll be years still (at least 2027) before “next-gen” means PlayStation 6. Then PS6 will be referred to as next-gen for 2-3 years after that. It’s been that way for almost 30 years now.

FF7 Remake on PS4 was also on 2 discs. I’ve also gotta laugh at the idea that “intelligent” gamers buy digital, because from where I sit intelligent gamers buy physical so they can either sell it afterwards or be able to continue to play it when the store is inevitably taken down in the future. The only reason to buy digital, which is usually more expensive as well, is the convenience of not switching discs.

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There’s also when they give you no other choice. My PS3 currently houses several arcade brawlers that, to my knowledge, still haven’t been made available on disc. And there are many other games, often indie titles, that just aren’t receiving physical releases. I tried very hard to avoid digital releases. I know I’ll suffer to consequences down the road.


Oh for sure, I was speaking only in the context of when there’s a physical copy available. I’m a big fan of indie games so I have hundreds of digital games that weren’t ever released physically (or as is often the case now, released physically months or year later) going back to the Xbox 360.

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