Find out if the NSA spied on you and shared the info with the UK



Illegal human rights violation? Isn’t that precious! Yea boy, we better find out if the NSA broke a law!

It would be helpful if they clarified how to include multiple names, multiple emails, etc. and get info about spying on former emails.

P.S., also, error message.

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It’s a trap? I want to know and be part of this en masse but that part of my brain is thinking if they didn’t have my details before then they sure as shit do now. Which is probably silly but then it turned out the tinfoil hat wearers weren’t crazy afterall, they were just paying attention and everything these scumbags have done up until now and are still doing is utterly and categorically illegal.


What I want to know is, Did GCHQ spy on me and share the info with the US?

From the FAQ

Here’s hoping.

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Jeez. I thought it was just our privacy that was being targeted.


Interesting, but from my perspective entirely useless because the systems are entirely untrustworthy. Intelligence agencies work within their governments and so naturally create systems of secrecy. One could say bureaucratic pathways of secrecy. That is a major requirement for their organization, just as it is a major requirement that when they are engaging in spying they must not let those they are spying on know they are being spied on.

These are core attributes of spies, just as a doctor must use a scapel or a lawyer must be capable in working from past case law.

The problem of spying on someone is singular, usually: if the person or people they are spying on are aware they are being spied on then they can control the person doing the spying by providing false information.

[quote]In short, to the question “Have I been watched by the Five Eyes?” a yes means yes, and a no means maybe.

Some cynical part of me thinks this should actually read “a yes means yes, and a no means maybe, but you’ve now been added to the NSA’s list".

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We’re commenting on a site that advocates privacy and encryption. I would be more surprised to find out that the NSA/GCHQ doesn’t have my details than finding out they do.

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Well indeed, and certainly if you have used any variant of tor (anyone have a citation), which i have. Though what level of usage corresponds to level of interest is anyone’s guess.

More straw for the haystack. The more ordinary people they are monitoring, the harder it is for them to target the more capable dissidents.

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If you weren’t being spied on you will be after you ask if your being spied on. The Chocalate_NSA strikes again!!!

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At some point I really have to make a t-shirt with that listening eagle logo, its just so dang cool! Probably edit out the AT&T bit since thats old and busted by now and maybe make it in color. Actually I’d probably do better to just make the whole thing over again just to show my pride.

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