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I’m from New England. I am unconvinced this is a satire site.


“Time was, if you had a few beers and a cop pulled you over, he’d just follow you to make sure you got home alright,”

Nope, not happening anymore.

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Too late for Stephen King, though.


I wonder if this is a reincarnation of the late, great Rumford Meteor. Reads very much like it.


Not even for VIPs?


I remember reading an article where the guys who wrote Animal House went back and spent the weekend at their old frat house.

They said the most surprising thing was that in the 60-70s, booze would be everywhere, and everyone was drinking- But if you and your date got caught with your pants down, there would be hell to pay. 30 years later, it was just the opposite. Sex was no big deal, but cops were randomly showing up to check IDs at parties, and everyone was paranoid about someone getting too drunk or turning out to be underage.

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Browsing the site. I’m so loving this.

-Recent Maine transplant from just over the border in NH.

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This might just be better than the Meteor

“The old mills your grandfather worked at, the same ones he was laid off from, that you threw rocks at to try to break windows. Those will be condominiums. Fusion restaurants. Microbreweries,” he told the audience of stunned attendees.


Well, in the 60s and 70s, the drinking age was still 18 nation-wide and it was less likely that the women would be on birth control (as it was pretty new, in terms of women taking it). Now, many women have much easier access to birth control and the drinking age is 21 across the country.


You could probably substitute Canada and Michigan’s U.P. for Maine and the humor would still work.

I would like to see something like this for Florida.

That is one beautiful woodpile.


True in this family: mother, sister, niece. I was part time in my teens and 20s, and now again in my old age. :wink:

Oh, jebus, just saw this

Guilty of buying one of those back when it came in glass bottles. I probably remember only because I lost my grip on the half full bottle and it shattered in a driveway somewhere in York County.

It had to have been in the late 70s because I do not remember the 80s.

In the ‘dollar signs for eyes’ article:

"“Senator King had unfortunately turned into a wolf whose eyes bulged out of his head at the sight of all that money,” the doctor told us.

To compound matters, in his excitement King had taken off his shoe and slammed himself over the head with it several times while howling."

I long to be able to do this…

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