Maine governor warns that drug dealers come to his state to impregnate “white girls”


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Opioid-hooked children are to America now what 'crack babies' were to the 1980s

I’m pretty sure it’s the speed of the brain that’s at issue here.


I knew it! The governor IS racist - he wants the Maine whites to go extinct. If only we could build a multi-billion dollar pipeline to pump semen from some other part of the country…


Dog-whistle politics at its finest


Classic sociopath move blaming anyone other than himself for his own verbal diarrhea.


What about guys with names like @OtherMichael and @SteampunkBanana ?



How to quickly spot a conservative who advocates for personal responsibility: does he or she quickly blames gays, mexicans, the mainstream media and/or Obama for most of their own self caused problems?


No, dog whistles are hard for normal people to hear. This is more of a police whistle.


I spend considerable time in the Pine Tree state…and I can tell you that the Guv is considered quite the sideshow. He has a certain appeal to the swamp yankee constituency…but everyone else is just slack-jawed at his shenanigans. NO ONE takes him seriously …and he makes some great headlines.


Not quite right but too good of a .gif not to use.


And this is exactly why I use a pseudonym. You guys would never know my given name of Shifty D-Money.


In the 90s there was a filthy bloke with a megaphone who use to hide in the nooks between the buildings in Harvard Square who used to implore people:

Ignore the man with the megaphone! You do not notice him. Whatever you do, do not pay any attention to the man with the megaphone! Please go about your business and ignore the man with the megaphone!


Cut him a little slack, people from Maine have odd names for things and are easily misinterpreted.



It’s people like you who think about profit and demand, instead of people’s actual needs and the attendant environmental depletion, that have made this country great again!


I don’t know… people often tell me that there are no people like me!


Well, those people don’t really exist – so don’t listen to 'em.


But the only person who I can really be sure doesn’t exist is me.


Seems a little counterproductive, but did you ever talk to him, or find out what he was hard not-selling?