After Rep. Stefanik's "pedo grifter" comment, staffer gives bizarre translation of what she meant

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I haven’t yet heard what Republicans think the administration should do to solve the shortage beyond “starve the infants in immigration centers.”


It’s also strange that the no government in business party now wants the government to direct business dealings.


The go to for GQP is just babble like an idiot, it works for tRump…


They don’t have solutions. Only problems.


Cake and eat it too-- she wants to be able to call the DEMs pedophiles to please her Q-constituents, but then implausibly deny that’s what she really meant, as if somehow it will fly with anyone in the middle who she hopes might vote for her.


“No, see, I just meant they’re creepy grifters!”


Any comments from Pedo Guy?


Once again, for the folks in the back:

Republicans Murder Language


It would be hysterically funny were this not equally malicious, evil, and ignorant as the creature which typed those words.

No plan?! FFS, the rethugs are the ones who never have a goddam plan.

The rethugs’ party is the one w/multiple grifters & sexual abuse accusations, inc w/kids.

Were the rethugs allowed their way, they’d just shoot everybody who showed up at our suthun border.


It’s almost as if somewhere in her snow cone mind she had the blue screen of death thought -after listening to her audible Left Behind subscription- that maybe rapture isn’t about god at all, but more about just leaving certain people behind.


im sure by “republican” you mean anyone favoring a republic as the best form of government, and by “murder” you’re counting crows - really a horrible band. so taken together, you’re obviously talking about free speech rights as it pertains to music lyrics.

seems a little off topic, but it is an important issue.

( am i doing this right? )

they’ll just repeat it till it becomes true, i guess :cry:


Both of these women typify the useful idiots the RepugliKKKlanners just adore. They parrot racist hatred, say whatever the hell they want without being held responsible for it, and then deny they said it or meant what they said.

#TaxTheRich #TaxTheChurches
#ProChoice #LGBTQ


Some kids (presumably infants) are ordering adults to cheat the system for them? To be honest, that would be kinda impressive.


Republicans: We want the government small and to stay out of our lives.

Also Republicans when something happens: WhY aReN’t ThE dEmS dOiNg AnYtHiNg??

This problem is 95% caused by corporations behaving badly. They have a duopoly, which lead to lax, complacent processes at one company, that lead to contamination and dead babies, which lead to them shutting down.

It takes time to clean up what went wrong, retest to confirm it is ok, and restart production.

In the meantime, the other makers are running at full capacity, they can’t really do much of an increase in production.

I feel for people, though. Not feeding your baby - terrifying. We were lucky in that my wife was able to produce enough milk for the kiddo, but some people can’t, and some babies need special diets.

In the past women would network and mothers who had extra milk could feed other babies. I know there was also home recipes for baby formula before it became commercialized. But I don’t know what the best option is right now. I just hope this crisis is short.

As for the people complaining about “pallets going down to the border”. Fuck you, you monsters. If you would take away a bottle of formula from a baby because they are “illegal”, you deserve a special place in hell.


With a little practice, you’d be ready for Fox!



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Stefanik is a pedo enabler. And by that I mean she’s a festering pustule on Matt Gaetz’s colon.


If this is her personal Twitter account; then this is what she actually thinks, not just what her PR people approve? That makes the “pedo grifter” term make more sense? This shows why ‘Nigerian Prince’ scams still proliferate, when people can hear gibberish like this and think, “This person is someone I want to follow, whose ideas I want to promote.”

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Yeah the whole, “This is her personal Twitter, I just have to get that out there,” is weird. Like…ok, what difference does that make? I mean, if he’s trying to say, “That’s her personal account, and we as staffers only deal with her official Representative account,” then why even bother trying to fuddle through a clearly bs explanation? Just say, “That’s her personal account, so you’d really have to ask her. We only deal with her official Representative account.” The guy is making it worse with his ridiculous explanation that no one is going to buy.